Animal Homeopathic Coaching Team

We believe that homeopathy is about taking back responsibility for your own health … and that of your family and your animals. So we are here to help you

Coaching Classes

We are holding group coaching classes for:

Homeopathy during pregnancy and childbirth

Homeopathy for new mums and babies

Click through to our calendar for times and dates.

We also offer private coaching sessions as well as full and acute consultations for you during pregnancy and for your new born baby.

Although all of our homeopathic doctors work with pregnancy and childbirth, you can click through to here to meet our homeopathic doctors who specialise in pregnancy and childbirth

Animal Owner homeopathic coaching 

We are holding group coaching sessions for the owners of:

We want to help you feel more comfortable helping your animals with homeopathic prescribing.

We also provide individual coaching to help you find the right remedy for specific health issues.

Group Courses

For using Homeopathy at Home

We will be covering:

  • How to collect the right information to find the right remedy.
  • How to choose the right potency
  • How to dose your animals
  • We will be helping you learn how to understand your animals and interpret the messages they send to you.

We will talk about the importance of their energy, their characters as well as their physical symptoms.

We will help you make sure you have the right remedies you need for your animals.

First Aid Homeopathy

For me homeopathy treatment is about taking back responsibility for your health and finding the resource your body is asking for.

This means that during your consultation or coaching session you will be given the resources you need to begin understanding what the symptoms are saying and what you can do to provide your body with what it is asking for.

You will begin to understand more about your own health as well as homeopathic remedies that suit your body.  Together we will be able to make the changes needed to reboot your own self healing mechanism.