Homeopathic Study on Thyroid Dysfunction


Thyroid is part of our endocrine system which controls our metabolic and hormonal functions.

Thyroid in particular secretes hormones that controls metabolism and growth.

What happens when it gets disrupted?

Thyroid disease is steadily increasing, possibly due to high levels of environmental toxins in our environment, incl. xenoestrogens, heavy metals, pesticides and excess halides.
Conventional treatment is not very effective or curative for this condition resulting in substandard outcomes and side effects.
Long term homeopathic treatment has been shown to lead to regular thyroid function if used in a chronic treatment regime.

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Homeopathic Thyroid Dysfunction Study

Hashimoto’s Hypothyroid Autoimmune Treatment

Causes and Effects:

Depending on whether your thyroid is producing excessive amounts of hormones (Hyperthyroidism, Thyrotoxicosis or Grave’s disease) or if the thyroid gland is under-active (Hypothyroidism), there can be a variety of symptoms that arise. And there is also Hashimoto’s disease which is an auto-immune disorder that can cause hypothyroidism. Often, any of these can have an onset in an emotional trauma or a shock, or in females hormonal changes during puberty/pregnancy or menopause.

Who is this study aimed for:

Any person with thyroid imbalance that may or may not be on medication.
This person (man or woman) may be experiencing the following symptoms:
increased metabolic activity, weight loss despite increase in appetite, hot and sweaty sensation, poor energy or restless & unproductive energy, nervousness, apprehension, palpitations in the chest, increased heart rate, atrial fibrillation, fine tremor of the hands, changes in menstrual cycle, slowness, apathy, lowered libido, mental and physical dullness, increased weight despite poor appetite, dry skin, brittle hair (can be falling out), lowered blood pressure, constipation and many other symptoms depending on each individual.
This potential client is interested in exploring natural medicine and is prepared to take homeopathic remedies prescribed to them.
You are willing to work with the homeopath for minimum of 4 months and provide regular feedback during this time (which will be used anonymously for marketing purposes).

Aim of this study:

This study will be based on treating the whole person, via homeopathic methodologies and by that mechanism, encourage the body’s vital force or defence mechanism to eliminate the disease.

To gather information which will be useful to determine the scope of homeopathy as a useful therapy for thyroid imbalance.

After 4 months you should be able to note a change in your health status. Generally thyroid dysfunction is a chronic condition and often needs treatment for 9-12 months to bring about sustainable healing. For this reason, if you are happy with your results and treatment during the study, you have the option to continue treatment at regular consultation fees, with our homeopathic thyroid experts.

You will not be asked to come off any medications but you may need to have regular check ups in order to assess whether your medication may need adjusting.

The Study Will Consist Of:

4 monthly consultations with a homeopath, done via Skype/Zoom (video call).

After each homeopathic consultation, your prescription will be emailed to you, with details of where to purchase the remedies and how to take them.

You will provide feedback between the consultations (by email) about changes that occur on a weekly basis.

Is This Study for You?

  • Besides treating the ‘whole person’, it is the authors opinion that much of the thyroid dysfunction is due to toxicities of drug medications, heavy metals, pesticides and other endocrine disruptors. The study will look to support and encourage the body’s detox pathways, and in so doing allow the thyroid to rebalance. An emotional causation especially when treating autoimmune thyroiditis (Hashimoto’s) is very important in homeopathic prescribing.
  • The thyroid will not be treated alone, but in conjunction with a full homeopathic case history, which will provide an appropriate homeopathic prescription for your symptoms. This will be used alongside a thyroid questionnaire and a temperature chart in the management of your case in the study. The homeopathic prescription will be emailed to you and then you will be able to purchase your remedies from your local homeopathic supplier.
  • Dietary recommendations will be suggested for improved support of the thyroids metabolism and function, but these are not mandatory.


Appointment Discounted Study Fee Regular Cost
Initial Consultation  $115 USD/ 85£ $180 USD/ 130£
Follow up Consultations X 3 $45 USD/ 35£ $80 USD/ 60£
TOTAL Package $260USD/ 190£ $400 USD/ 300£


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