Homeopathic Study on Restless Legs Syndrome 


I have suffered from symptoms of Restless Legs for 25 years, following a back injury. Before using Homeopathy; my symptoms affected me daily in my ability to relax, focus and find restful sleep. I could not concentrate in my classes during my study which affected my results. My partner’s sleep was also impacted by my continuous moving legs. And my need to keep moving was impeding on the things we could enjoy together. Since using homeopathy and for the past five years; I am only experiencing restlessness occasionally and mildly. These episodes are now often easily managed by taking one dose of the remedy that suits me best. This has greatly improved my quality of life. ” (happy Client)

Aims of the study are to:

  • Provide you with Homeopathic support to help relieve your RLS.
  • Help determine the scope of Homeopathy as a useful therapy for sufferers of RLS
  • Help determine the scope of homeopathic remedies in symptoms relating to RLS.
  • Collate therapeutic results from sufferers of RLS, following individualized homeopathic prescription during a minimum of a 10 week period.
  • Help build a useful data base of Homeopathic remedies that have the likely ability; to affect change and improvement in symptoms relating to RLS.
  • Collate information that will be useful for others suffering from RLS in the future.

Restless Leg Syndrome study details

  • Limited to 10 participants only
  • Sign up by 26 Oct 2020.
  • Time frame of 10 weeks

Terms and Conditions

You are:

  •  Suffering from Restless Legs and have done so for more than 1 year.
  • Ready to try a different, more natural approach to find relief from this problem.
  • Committed to attend via video call a minimum of 1 full Initial consult and 2 Follow up consultations, 5 weeks apart
  • Pay the total cost for the 3 consultations included in the study prior to your the first consult. (Remedy cost is additional)

With your participation you agree

  • To closely follow the homeopathic and other advice and instruction given to you for the duration of this study.
  • Give accurate details of your personal health situation and history in order to allow for an appropriate prescription.
  • Complete and return a pre study questionnaire before the first consult.
  • Complete an evaluation/ feedback sheet at least before each follow up consult and a month after the last follow up consult.
  • For this information to be held securely by Esther’s Homeopathy Clinic as part of legal requirements for health professionals in New Zealand.
  • To the possibility of your feedback and data to be used (anonymously and with your privacy in tact) in e.g. the general study report, case write up for publication, testimonials, articles, posts on my website, social media and homeopathy friendly places

Who is this study designed for?

You want to find peace and relaxation; For your legs to be still, To have a great nights rest so you can function better during the day, For your partner to enjoy undisturbed sleep beside you, To be able to sit and watch television without driving others bonkers with your restlessness. You may be hoping to avoid or reduce medications. Or perhaps you have tried everything under the sun and nothing is working; and the prospect of having to live like this is unbearable.

If you suffer from Willis-Ekbom disease also known as Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS); this study may be of interest to you.

It offers you the opportunity to

  • Explore Homeopathy as a natural option of support in your symptoms.
  • To use homeopathic remedies with guidance of a qualified professional homeopath.
  • To pursue relief and the possibility of regaining the ability to rest and function better.

Study Parameters

  • You have been suffering Restless legs for more than 1 year.
  • You may have additional restlessness or symptoms of PLMD also.
  • No age limitation, open to male and female participants
  • You may presently be using conventional medication or not.
  • The cause of your symptoms is not required to be known.

Participation in this Restless Leg study involves:

  • Consulting with a qualified and registered Classical Homeopath.
  • Being prescribed Homeopathic remedies tailored to your overall individual health situation; focused on helping to bring relief in your Restless Leg problem.
  • Receiving Homeopathic advice and general lifestyle advice to implement for the betterment of your symptoms.
  • Receiving all the consultation and support as is usual, but at only half the usual consultation fee.
  • Remaining on your current regimen and to add Homeopathic remedies to your ‘toolbox’; as the only change in your situation in order to determine the effect Homeopathic remedies have on your symptoms.
  • Please note that any changes you wish to make in your present regimen and the medication you are taking; will need to be discussed with your doctor and before you do so.

Costs involved

  • Includes 1 full consultation and 2 follow up consultations, over a period of 10 weeks.
  • The usual cost for this would be US$360 but is now offered at 50% discount.
  • YOUR FEE for participation in study is now US$180**.
  • To be paid in total before your first consultation.
  • Excluding the cost for remedies required
  • No refund upon withdrawal

(** Quotes in different currencies and local New Zealand fees available on request)

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