Homeopathic Study on Hair Problems

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Who is this study designed for?

If you are suffering from HAIR PROBLEMS (hair-fall, greying hair, rough lustreless hair etc.), you are eligible to apply to take part in this study.

What are the objectives of this study?

  • to collect valuable and useful data and information about homeopathic remedy affinities and relations in the treatment of people with hair problems.
  • to evaluate and establish the effect of various remedies with respect to different etiologies of hair problems.


This study is for you if :

  1. You are someone suffering from hair issues (hair-fall, early greying of hair, rough lustreless hair etc.). There is no age limit for taking part in this study.
  2. You agree to commit to a minimum three homeopathic consultations..
  3. You are ready to explore natural remedies.
  4. You agree to buy and take prescribed homeopathic remedies as instructed and give feedback about response to remedy.
  5. You agree to provide the details of any current or past medications taken.
  6. You agree to make few dietary changes.
  7. You agree to pay a small amount for homeopathic consultations.
  8. You are happy to provide testimonials during the study or at the end of the study and you are happy for Dr. Varsha M Khurana to use your (anonymised) case for publication in print, online and in social media.


It started with all the stress that comes along embracing motherhood for the first time. Inspite of a wholesome home-made diet overtly rich in iron and protein, I was experiencing greying of my hair. My dermatologist told me to stop taking stress and prescribed me supplements in the likes of biotin, keratin and sorts. Those supplements did nothing to my hair except forging weird smelling burps, and stress, well it’s your best friend once you’re a mother.

Earlier, during my lactation days, Dr. Varsha’s medicine had worked like a charm for one of the erstwhile issues I had. That gave me the conviction to go ahead with the three months course for my hair this time.  

One month down,  I must say I am more than amazed with the results. Not to say that the greying of hair has stopped or the already grey hair has been restored to the original colour but here’s what has happened.

My ever frizzy hair has become so much more manageable as if I have put one layer of serum. 

My hair fall has reduced to merely 20 percent of before! Most certainly, my hair looks thick and more nourished ..  

While the greying will be contained only by the end of the course, as guided by  her, but above results do ascertain me that something is definitely working right at the very roots of it and fixing it not temporarily but permanently.


  • The study will consist of 3 homeopathic consultations during the period of 3 months.
  • The study will be conducted by a professional medically trained homeopathic practitioner, Dr. Varsha M Khurana (Classical, Certified Homeopath).
  • All consultations will be done by Zoom/ Whatsapp/ WeBex video conferencing from the comfort of your home.
  • Homeopathic consultations generally involve detailed examinations of the patient’s histories, including questions regarding their physical, mental and emotional states, their life circumstances, diet, dreams, unique and peculiar symptoms and other aspects of one’s life.
  • After careful consideration of all relevant symptoms, the homeopath chooses an appropriate homeopathic remedy for the patient. The remedy prescription will be emailed to you after the consultation, including instructions about the dosage and how to take the remedy.
  • I am taking 20 participants for this study. If you are interested in taking part in this study, please book a free 15-min discovery chat with me by clicking on the link below or send me an email:  drvarshamkhurana@gmail.com

You can also book/pay your place on the study directly – without registering your interest (without a free 15 minute discovery call) simply by clicking on the booking button “BOOK THE STUDY” below.

You can also visit my website here:


Consultation Details

During this study, you will be able to attend all homeopathic consultations at a significantly reduced rate and work with a homeopath to improve your health and well-being in a holistic, safe and natural way.

  • First Consultation: 45 US $ (150 $, outside of the study)
  • Follow up Consult 1: 45 US $ (110 $, outside of the study)
  • Follow up Consult 2: 45 US $ (110 $, outside of the study)


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