Prince Charles, Homeopathy and the Corona Virus

So HRH Prince Charles has had COVID-19, but only a ‘mild’ case we are glad to hear. He had been isolating at home for seven days, as he should, in Scotland, and we wish him a swift return to full health.

At 71 he was in the ‘high risk’ category and certainly needed to look after himself but I think we know he’d got things covered. We can be very sure that Charles was using homeopathy to treat his symptoms. His Royal Highness has been a champion and self professed user of homeopathy and other complementary therapies throughout his life. In fact, Charles’ commitment to supporting alternative medicine is so strong that in 2019 he opened Dumfries House Health and Wellbeing Centre on his estate in Scotland –  a privately funded project where NHS doctors can refer members of the public for free treatment for anything from homeopathy to hypnotherapy. 

No doubt Charles’ health choices have been influenced by his mother the Queen, now 94. Although she never talks publicly about it, she has her own homeopath and never leaves home without her leather case of 60 homeopathic remedies in different potencies. Wouldn’t you love a look in that case?! We wonder what she has in there – we’re betting Arsenicum, Byronia, Eup Perf, Mag Phos, Phos, Nux Vomica and a few others are included that might be needed to cover COVID-19, just like in our own Homeopathy247 ‘Flu & Epidemic kit. Let us pray that she remains well throughout this terrible pandemic, but if she does succumb, she’ll be well armed.

One may wonder why the Queen, such a sober, straightforward, and dare we say it ‘conventional’ person, might be drawn to homeopathy. A little digging shows that she learnt it from her mother who learnt it from hers. Going back as far as 1835, the Royals were already trying this ‘new’ medicine and appear to have stuck with it ever since down the generations. No wonder they all live so long! The Royal family, it seems, is just like any other family who has tried homeopathy – it soon becomes a stable of the home medicine cabinet and the ‘go to’ treatment for first line defence against everything from a sore throat to chronic complaints.

But why, sceptics ask, do Charles and other members of the Royal family bother with homeopathy when they can afford the best conventional medical treatment in the world? I think we can leave the sceptics to work that one out for themselves, don’t you?

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Keep well and stay safe.

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