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Speak to a Homeopath

  1. Go to the chat box (in the bottom right hand corner of this screen) and connect with a homeopath.
  2. The homeopath will give you a link for a private video/audio consultation.
  3. The homeopath will take payment for the consult.
  4. Have your homeopathic consultation.
  5. Receive an email with the homeopathic remedy advice, details of where to buy (if you need extra) and details of follow up advice.

Acute Consultations

£42 | $55 | €47

Speak to the homeopath on duty right now and book an acute consultation here and now.

Click on the red chat box (bottom-right corner), fill in your name and details and the homeopath on duty will pick up your information and arrange a consultation right now.

Full Consultations

£130 | $180 | €150

You can book a full consultation with the homeopath on duty right now or you can click through to THE TEAM and choose the homeopath you would like to work with.

You can then contact them directly to book your consultation .

Homeopathic Remedy Kits

Have you got the remedies you need at home.

You can purchase a kit of homeopathic remedies so you have them on hand when you need them for the family and your pets.

Become a H247 Client Member and get access to details about our remedy kits. The H247 Client Membership is Free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have remedies at home?

No, not necessarily.

Your homeopath will advise according to what you currently have in your cupboard, or what you can get locally. They will also consider how quickly we can get more remedies out to you using Homeopathic Pharmacies around the world.

How do I connect with a homeopath?

Click on the chat box in the bottom right hand corner. A homeopath will be there ready to answer.

What if I have already spoken to a homeopath?

If you have spoken to a homeopath on Homeopathy247 in the last 48 hours, we will try to locate that homeopath and ask them to get in touch with you. If this is not possible, we will try to advise you until we can make contact with your original homeopath.

What if I have my own homeopath?

If you have your own homeopath and have recently taken a remedy, our homeopaths will advise you to get in touch with your own homeopath.

If you have tried but have been unsuccessful at reaching your homeopath, or if your symptoms are clearly new, acute symptoms, our team will be happy to have a consultation with you.

How do I book a full consultation?

You can either:

Ask in the chat and connect with the homeopath on duty


Go to our page of all of the homeopaths and select one you feel will be able to help you, you can contact them directly by clicking through to their diary or their website.

Does the fee include remedies?

No, the homeopath will send you a prescription by email with advice on where to purchase the remedies needed.

Does the consultation take place on the chat?

No, the homeopath will send you a link to take you to a private video/audio consulting room. You can access this through your smart phone, tablet or a computer. You can choose whether to use video or audio.

Our Homeopath is Waiting for you in the Chat Box

Just click on the box in the bottom right corner and fill in the information needed.

The homeopath on duty will then direct you through to a private consultation video or audio room.

Please have your credit card ready at hand.

Meet Our Team of Professional Homeopaths

Our homeopaths are qualified, licenced practising homeopaths working around the world.

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What Our Clients Say

“I would absolutely use this service again. I was most impressed. I was particularly impressed with the continued support and communication if needed. I really feel that is the essence of homeopathy – so that the individual action of a remedy is monitored appropriately. Local homeopaths in Ireland are not always available for this kind of appropriate monitoring of remedies and as a mother I find that incredibly frustrating.”

C. Martin

Our team of professional homeopaths are available for homeopathic treatment now.