Flu & Epidemic Remedy Kits


Worldwide Distribution of Remedy Kits

Our kits are currently being put together by two pharmaceutical companies, one in the UK and one in the United States.  Both have worldwide distribution, so the kits will be available everywhere.

We can also provide remedies from our homeopaths in Australia.

The kits are now ready.
We have included the 20 remedies most likely to cover flu symptoms in three different potencies as listed below. 
36 remedies in all at a cost of $115 plus shipping.    
Kits ready now.  Please sign up below for ordering instructions.
An email will be sent straight to your email … so please check your junk box if you don’t receive it straight away.


For Europe:
We are getting the kits out in 2 or 3 days to most areas throughout Europe on a special delivery.
Click here and Register to order

For Australasia :
Our homeopaths are sending remedies out directly to clients so please email them with the list of remedies you need.
Click here for Contacts

For USA and Canada:
Source are able to go the remedies out and delivered within 5 days (2/3 days on special delivery).
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