Here are 4 great remedies to consider for heartburn.⠀

Phosphorous – Heartburn with a burning sensation in the chest. Craving for ice-cold water which may give relief from the burning pain in chest and stomach but may be vomited once it is warmed in the stomach. There may be constant hunger with desire for salts, ice cream. Anxiety about health and even fear of death. Better for cold foods and water and for sleep. Worse for warm foods, stress and lying on their back.

Sulphur – Burning sensation which can be associated with hunger and weakness due to low-blood sugar levels. With Sulphur, there will be a strong desire for sweet, spicy and fatty foods. Laziness with a lack of mental energy. Better for open-air, warm drinks and worse when standing up, overheating in a warm room or in bed at night.

Nux -Vomica – Heartburn tends to begin 30 minutes after eating usually rich fat foods with painful retching, can have a foul taste in the mouth. Craving for fatty, acidic or spicy foods even though these upset the stomach. Better for warmth, sleep and in the evening and worse for touch, stress, rich fatty foods.

Pulsatilla – Heartburn brought on after fatty or fried foods. There may be nausea and vomiting. Vomiting may be acidic with bitter matter and possibly be green in colour. There may be a bitter acidic taste and pain and tightness in the stomach with the absence of thirst. This person may be teary at the slightest provocation. Better for crying and gentle exercise and worse for emotional stress, hot stuffy room, in the evening or night.

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