Flu & Flu Epidemic Remedies

Homeopathy247 is a global community of Homeopaths servicing the entire world with homeopathic care. Three of the Homeopath247 team in Australia are able to organise remedies to fulfill Australian clients prescriptions as required. Luckily most Australian  homeopaths have a dispensary in their clinics, so that means very little delay in you starting your treatment as orders can be posted without delay.

How to take the remedy: Rinse mouth, tip 3 pills into the lid and toss pills directly into mouth. Let dissolve on or under the tongue. For drops, tilt head back and take 5-7 drops directly into your mouth. Do take care to not touch the inside of your mouth with the dropper.

NB: Do not take your dose within 20 minutes of eating or drinking (water is ok). Do not take your dose within 20 minutes of cleaning your teeth. 

For all Australian homeopathic orders please contact

Donna, Tina or Debbie….

Orders can be placed via email or text message. Your order will be posted the following day, at the latest, by express post. If orders are made no later than 12pm same day posting is always possible if urgent. 

Contact details:

Donna Sadzius (Palmwoods, QLD)

M: +61 0403 011 502




Tina Horrell (Cairns, Qld)

M: +61 0498030277



Debbie Gilligan (Warriewood, NSW)

M: +61 0415 84 7429



* If you have an uncomfortable remedy response for more than 24 hours, email your Homeopath.


Our H247 Remedy Kits

Be prepared!

Check out our specially designed H247 Remedy Kits. One is focused on flu symptoms (36 remedies, mix of 30C and 200C) and one on first aid (42 remedies in 30C potency).
Click below to go through to the details of how to get your kit.

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