Free Course for Flu Symptoms

If you are worried about being exposed to Covid-19… this is for you.

We have put together a whole lot of useful information to help you prepare for an outbreak of flu in your home.

We have compiled a list of useful remedies, we have put together symptom information and we have explained how to find the whole symptom picture.

We have summerized the remedy information to help you choose the right remedy when it is needed.  We have explained when to repeat the same remedy or when to change the remedy or when to wait … and do nothing.

If you would like to know more about using homeopathy to help you through the symptoms of Covid-19 or any other flu virus then please click here to go to our free course.

We have also put together a kit to go with the course which you can buy from 2 different places for world wide distribution.
Please click below to find out more about our remedy kits.

Keep well and stay safe.

Click here to find out more about out H247 Remedy Kits

discover our Homeopathy 247 specially designed remedy kits with world-wide distribution

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