Cough! Cough! Cough!

A cough is the body’s natural way at attempting to expel an irritant from the respiratory tract. A cough will either be accompanied by mucous or be dry.

Lets take a look at 3 great remedies for coughs.

Aconite – This cough will be dry, irritating and comes on suddenly. There will be a dry, croaky, hollow sounding cough with a possible rapid rise in temperature and extreme anxiety along with extreme thirst.

Symptoms are better for warmth, movement and fresh air and worse in the evenings and at night, worse in the cold and windy weather.

Bryonia – This cough will be dry and spasmodic, mouth will feel dry, there may be gagging and vomiting. There can be chest pain with stitches in the side of the chest. Presence of a splitting / bursting headache aggravated by the slightest cough. Extreme thirst for warm drinks but at infrequent intervals with a feeling of dehydration. Better for cool environment and for applying cool pressure to head and chest. Worse for movement and touch, bright light and noise.

Pulsatilla – This cough will produce thick green catarrh which is bitter tasting, leaving an unpleasant taste. The tongue may be coated white and there may also be green catarrh from nose. There will be little or no thirst. Symptoms are better for fresh air, a good cry and applying a cold compress to chest. Worse in warm, stuffy room and in the evening.

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