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Classical Homeopath

About Sydommne

Hallo, I’m Sydommne; I’m a classically trained Homeopath based in Hertfordshire, England, and I’ve been practising since 1995.

I have two special interests in Homeopathy, which are closely linked – they are Dental and Digestive Health. Experience shows that if the digestive system is in good shape, general good health is easier to maintain, and dental/oral health is much easier to achieve. I am constantly amazed at how the gentle nudge of well-chosen homeopathic remedies can help us improve our health and vitality.

Being a part of the Homeopathy for Teeth Team is immensely rewarding. It’s a real pleasure to work with our Admin team, pooling our knowledge and experience as we learn and grow together in such an exciting area of Homeopathy. The group allows us, as a team, to help many more people with their dental health than we could ever do individually. Our aim is to empower our members to be able to prescribe for acute situations, and to guide them to know when they need a consultation with a Homeopath. I love seeing more and more people each day discovering how much Homeopathy can do for their teeth, gums, and mouth.

I have worked successfully with many many people who have dental and digestive symptoms. With the emergence of new scientific knowledge, I’ve become passionate about enhancing the oral and gut microbiomes to restore gut health. It’s particularly rewarding for me to work with children, who respond so quickly to Homeopathy, and quickly learn to ask for the remedies they need.

I grew up near the River Thames, surrounded by wide open spaces, and have always loved living outside as much as possible. My home was once a narrowboat on an English canal, and for the last ten years I’ve spent time in the summer camping at music festivals with the Travelling Homeopaths (a Homeopathic charity), prescribing for festival-goers who are suffering with anything from sunburn to over-indulgence. I love outdoor swimming, foraging, fermenting, walking ancient trails, world music and dance, as well as knitting, sewing, and crafting.

In my practice I see patients locally in my clinic, and across the world via video call. You can often find me answering questions and commenting in the Homeopathy for Teeth facebook group, where I’m sometimes also able to offer acute consultations for your dental ailments. I’m looking forward to meeting you!

Special Interest

I help people with digestive, liver and gut issues, – like symptoms of constipation, IBS, heartburn, acid reflux, ulcerative colitis, food intolerance and so on – working particularly on rebalancing the gut. Gut health affects every aspect of our health, and plays a huge role in immune function. It gives me huge joy to see children, women, and men regain health and vitality as their digestive function improves.

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“Her teeth didn’t want to come; now she has nearly all of them.”

LH, Doncaster, Mum of 16-month old, after a constitutional remedy

“Thank you for all your help with our family – we appreciate you!!!”

GA, Texas

“Within two months of treatment I’m seeing great improvement with my 9 years old son. He is starting to speak more clearly and is much more aware of his surroundings.”

SE, Texas Mum of child with ASD

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