Susie Cornally Bale

Classically Trained Homeopath

About Susie

Hello! I’m Susie Cornally Bale and I am a classically trained homeopath based in the south of Ireland .Here is more about my background.

My interest in natural health medicine began very early on. I had a very sick father with epilepsy and despite all of the Modern Western medicines his illness increased and he died young. From this moment a passion in me was born to find other ways that are possible to help the body heal. I have spent all of my adult life dedicated to finding alternative healthcare support systems.

I took my own health into my hands as a teenager after many rounds of antibiotics and other drugs which did little or nothing to help my own health issues. I found a wonderful local naturopath who helped me on my way to better health.

I trained as a yoga and meditation teacher working for twenty years in this area. I branched out into sound healing and my interest in resonance on the body increased. I knew when I found homeopathy I had found home. It marries all of the philosophies I have about the world. Using natural substances to help heal the body, safe and non-toxic both to us humans and to the environment and it is a powerful energetic resonant medicine. It addresses us in the fullest, not just us as a physical body nor just the mental and emotional but also the spiritual aspect of us as human. All interconnected and inseparable.

My own journey as a mum of two children led me to using remedies many times for acute illnesses in the household and during my births and post-partum. I had two traumatic births of different kinds and homeopathy contributed to putting me back on my feet. Using homeopathy over the years became commonplace in our household, even the kids know the remedies now!

It was because of this I decided to finally train in it. With two small children at home I began the years of training and qualifying years later, showing my total determination and passion for this medicine. I qualified from the Irish School of Homeopathy. The journey has only led me to more wonder as the world of homeopathy keeps opening and expanding to reflect the times we are living in. I am passionate to see homeopathy as a medicine for all and everyone. It is a medicine that empowers and can be used in a small way in households or a larger sense in the community.

Special Interest

My special areas of interest are Lymes Disease and Women’s Health .I have suffered with lymes for more than twenty years, undiagnosed for at least 18 of those years. The diagnosis and the understanding of this illness, has given me a much deeper scope into chronic debilitating illness and the path to recovery. Homeopathy is one of the powerful tools to help recovery from Lymes and many other chronic illnesses.

My other passion is women’s health. My background evolved around teaching Yoga. Pre natal and post natal yoga and baby massage classes one of my specialities. Applying this knowledge with the homeopathic knowledge gives me great joy for the mothers, babies and children of this generation. I also support women going through the menopause. Natural medicine can support this natural change, very effectively.


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I worked with Susie over a long period of time for peri menopause symptoms. I found her hugely professional and helpful. Her work was very supportive of my entire process and included working with my whole life span, including from childhood until the present day. It was deeply transformative and I would highly recommend her to anyone going through what can be a very challenging life transition “ . Niamh Doherty , Cork, Ireland.

Starting the journey of homeopathy for my health was the best thing I could have done .Susie helped me navigate the ups and downs of anxiety and fatigue. I felt the commitment of continued treatment help me in ways I couldn’t imagine!

Rita Kearns, Ireland.

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