Stephanie Joachim

Licensed Classical Homeopath

About Stephanie

I’m a classical homeopath and live in the beautiful green West of Ireland.

I have a special interest in UTIs, sinusitis and teenage health.

I’m a mother of 3 children, 2 teenagers and a lively 10-year-old. 

We live in a very rural area with our two cats Snowy and Boots – whom we lovingly call Bootie, and our nearly 13-year-old dog Coco. She loves homeopathy as much as we all do.

I grew up in East Germany and was 11 when the wall came down. At 20 I decided to go abroad for 6 months – to learn English in Ireland – and I never left. Ireland has felt like home from the beginning.

Homeopathy found me when my daughter was a baby and I used it sporadically. My younger children suffered from chestiness and anxiety and then someone recommended a homeopath to our family – and she helped us tremendously.

I saw improvements from the beginning for both my children and me, too. It made a difference to all our general health, improved recurrent UTIs and sinusitis and anxiety attacks for me.

Working with my homeopath led me to seek a different life path for myself and I decided to train as a homeopath myself at the Irish School of Homeopathy in Dublin. 

My training inspired me so much that I decided to give up my full-time job in a multinational software company and leave to become a full-time homeopath. Around the same time, I also started teaching in the Irish School of Homeopathy which is a huge fulfilments.

I practice locally and internationally, via Zoom, and helping people to achieve a healthier, happier, and more balanced life. I can see clients in both English and German language and have worked with deaf clients via a sign language interpreter.

In my free time I train Taekwon-Do with two of my children, enjoy reading and crocheting and lots of time in nature, with my family and in my garden.

Special Interest

I have a special interest in UTIs, sinusitis and teenage health.


Grief After Father’s Death

“It’s marvellous. I’m not feeling cold, I took a 1hr nap, showered, freshened up. My heart is not tight anymore. I feel so so so relaxed and I feel I can breathe easy. It’s amazing work.”

Ringworm on Forehead

“Morning Steph, just to update you, my son has completely improved I’d say 100%. No marks at all on his forehead now, or anywhere else. I’d say it was more or less gone by Saturday. Wow homeopathy again! Amazing stuff!”

Bad Wrist Pain 2-Year Old

“I gave him Arnica 30c from the kit and Aconite 30c straight away. Then you suggested Arnica 200c in water. We have another miraculous recovery after taking the Arnica for the day, he is way better this evening using his arm and hand and doesn’t seem to be in any pain.”

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