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About Shrikant

Homeopathy happened to me as a realisation. Even though I was pursuing homeopathy for my bachelors degree for the first 3 years it was just a good science. Suddenly one day I start reading Swami Vivekananda’s lectures and feel it is my life to practice homeopathy. Since that day I have been an extremely passionate homeopath, just wanting to change peoples life with this wonderful science.

I love taking up challenging cases and hence choose cancer as my speciality. I believe we as homeopaths need to be clinicians to be better homeopaths. So I work with various cancer hospitals, oncologists while my main focus has always to be a better homeopathic prescriber. The magic of homeopathy is in finding the exact remedy. The closer you get to the remedy greater the quality and quantity of life in such patients.

As homeopathy is the sole active interest in my life. I otherwise love watching cricket. I love reading and learning about great life’s in various fields. As my journey of homeopathy is vitalised by a Spiritual Guru (swami Vivekananda), at my core I am a spiritual person.

I love teaching professional homeopaths and I am a regular faculty at – “the other song” International academy for advanced homeopathy, Prana – The world’s First Homeopathy Yoga Centre. Having given various seminars in India on Cancer and other homeopathic subjects it has solidified my knowledge as a practitioner of the art. I have also given webinars for Western College of Homeopathic Medicine, Canada.

I am from India. Practice in Pune, Maharastra. I was born in Andhra Pradesh and telugu is my mother tongue. I can offer consults in English, hindhi, Marathi and Telugu.

Special Interest

I love taking up challenging cases and hence choose cancer as my speciality.


At the age of 70 my aunt was diagnosed of lung cancer which had spread all over the body. We had been suggested she does not have life more than six months or one year. In no way was my aunt ready for chemotherapy or radiation therapy, so tried for other alternatives. I came to know about Dr.Shrikant Talari through my colleagues who were his patients. Initially, when we came to him, we were very skeptical of the treatment. My aunt was suffering a lot, continuous coughing, breathlessness, she could not move, was bed ridden, we had to feed her, bath her etc. To our surprise we saw results within one to one and a half month’s treatment. My aunt’s cough became lesser and lesser by the day. She started to move around. The most dramatic part of the situation was she gained weight in 6 months. Some our relatives who are doctors and radiologists when briefed of the situation were surprised to know and they said this is something miracle happening. Once after a year of treatment my aunt told me, now I do not need any treatment I am fully fit. Once she climbed 3 staircases, that was a real puzzle for me!!! She continued to live happily with no sufferings for 4 years. Even her death was absolutely painless and smooth. This was the way we gained benefit from Dr.Shrikant Talari’s treatment.

Does not want to disclose identity

My name is Ulhas Savarkar. I am 66 years old. Around 6 years back I was diagnosed of Cancer Caecum. I under went surgery and chemotherapy. After these I lost 10 kilograms weight, lost confidence in myself. At this time, my family suggested I visit Dr.Shrikant. I started his treatment felt better. I regained my weight and confidence, my health improved. My consequent Pet scans have improved, the activity of the cancer cells has reduced. The tumour markers are stable. My oncologist said it’s because of homeopathy. I have benefitted a lot from this treatment and will continue it will I do not get completely cured.

Ulhas Savarkar

At the outset I would like to say Dr.Shrikant is an amazing doctor. My father a retied physiotherapist from the Indian army was treated by him. My father was 86 yrs old with advanced colorectal cancer. Due to his age, health status and unwillingness we could not give him any treatments like surgery, chemotherapy or radiation. So allopath was ruled out, then we got in touch of Dr.Shrikant. He gave us some hope about it, I am really glad that we got in touch with him. My dad has many complaints like, nausea, vomiting severe constipation, no appetite, loss of weight, anaemia. He spent many sleepless nights. When homeopathy was started he had very good relief, homeopathy did wonders for him. Although he could not be saved he had a very peaceful death. I am so glad that homoeopathy medicine has really worked wonders for him.. Thank you so much!! Dr.Shrikant Talari is very patient, listens to the problem, he relates it to us and explain it well in a very calm and quiet manner.

Milika Biswas

I had undergone surgery, chemotherapy and radiation once, a repeat PET scan after a year showed relapse of the disease. Oncologist advised me another surgery, I was very disappointed, discouraged, hopeless. What ever happens I did not want to get operated, once I under went all that with lot of suffering. Didn’t want to go through it again. Someone told me about Dr.Shrikant, I talked with him, my hopelessness started to get a bit of hope. I said let’s take chance.This time I chose homeopathy. I started taking the treatment I felt really good, I started feeling I am healthy. Slowly my confidence increased in his treatment. Today I want to thank Dr.Shrikant because I am cancer free without undergoing an operation. My Pet scan after 1 year treatment came back normal. Today I feel so good!! I feel I am fit now.

Vasundhara Vishwakarma ( 30 yrs old female with Malignant Nerve cell Tumour)

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