Rhonda Campbell

Experienced Homeopathic Practitioner

About Rhonda

Hello my name is Rhonda and I love Homoeopathy, Herbal Medicine and Natural Fertility. I also like to use Bach Flower remedies and Australian Bush Essences. I am an experienced practitioner and would like to help you on your journey to better health.

When I was pregnant with my son, my first child , I had morning sickness for 9 months. The constant nausea made me curious about other ways of healing. I thought that there must be a natural remedy that could make me feel better?

I read Dorothy Hall’s Natural Medicine book and enrolled in her Herbal Medicine and Bach Flower course. A whole new world opened up for me. Then I discovered Homeopathy after it helped me resolve some health issues and so I went on to study it. Homeopathy looks at the mind/body connection and can help you mentally and physically.

I have two wonderful children and four very special grandchildren. My children and grandchildren have only ever used Homeopathy and Herbal medicine when needed to maintain their good health.

I love swimming with my Portuguese family and grandchildren in Portugal and skiing with my Norwegian family and grandchildren in Norway.

I love Art, Oil painting and Creative pursuits. I love making sea sculptures from driftwood, shells and seaweed. I love photography – My walls are covered with huge canvases from photos I have taken myself.

I love the ocean and catching a wave and I enjoy walking along the coast. The water is very calming for me – it’s my Rescue Remedy sometimes!!

I am a Virgo with a Cancer Moon which makes me a caring person and explains why I have chosen my profession. I have Mars in Sagittarius which explains my desire for travel and adventure.

I am 11/2 in Numerology which is a spiritual number.

I was born in the year of the Dragon.

I would like the world, especially our children to learn about the healing properties of plants. Because of this I wrote a children’s book about Rescue Remedy, Luke’s Rescue by the Bach Flowers. My book, offers a fun way for children and parents to learn about how plant energies can heal your feelings and bring about a positive change in your nature or to bring calm in a stressful or emergency situation.

I have also helped women with relief from their hormonal and menopausal symptoms using natural remedies so I wrote an Ebook – Vibrant in Menopause. My E book is a Handbook with solutions to help you through the menopausal years.

Special Interest

I have a special interest in fertility and babies and toddlers.


Treatment for Long Covid

My family used to see Rhonda many years ago and my mother always swore that she could fix anything

So when I found myself unable to pull myself out of post viral fatigue after 3 rounds of covid last year I tracked down Rhonda and asked for her help.

With some gentle lifestyle strategies and the power of well chosen homeopathic remedies, my health turned around within weeks, weeks! I had been battling and seeing other health professionals for 10 months.

I have once again been reminded of the impact good homeopathic care can have, shifting physical and emotional symptoms to regain wellbeing.

Thanks Rhonda, its been so wonderful to work with you again.

Treatment for Fertility

I was infertile since my first child who was 16 years old. After 5 months treatment with herbs homeopathy, my sciatica went away, I felt happy and I was pregnant. I had a healthy baby boy.

Treatment for Baby’s Eczema

My baby had eczema after I started her on baby formula. Her face was red and chapped and she had cracks on her ankles and feet. I was using cortisone on her skin. She later developed a panting asthmatic rattling cough, conjunctivitis and her thumb was red raw from sucking it. Rhonda gave her Ant tart and her symptoms improved. Her eczema flared up again but then got better, Two months later she has no symptoms and is happy, friendly and sociable.

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