Rachel Williams

Classical Homeopath

About Rachel

Hello! I’m Rachel Williams, a Classical Homeopath based on the Wirral, England.

I came to Homeopathy many years ago for help with my own health.

I was on strong opioid drugs and having test after test for an ailment my Consultant could never find. Spiralling into depression and despair, I sat on my bed one day and wondered how to change my life round. I realised that the only route out was to re-educate myself, and, most importantly, to empower myself to step away from traditional medicine. I had become more and more aware of how Homeopathy had begun to change my family’s healthcare, so I enrolled on a 4-year intensive course, studying under a Master of Homeopathy, Dr.Subrata Banerjea, at the Allen College near London, England. Ialso attended his college and working clinic in Kolkata, India – the Mecca of Homeopathy. There, deep pathological issues were treated by Homeopathy and Homeopathy alone, and this ignited my desire to be the best Homeopath I could be. I fully immersed myself in my studies, so that I and my family could embrace a world with either no allopathic medication, or at least as little as needed. Since then we have benefited from having the best and healthiest lifestyle that we have ever had.

Upon graduating I set up a clinic based at my home on the Wirral, England where I enjoy the variety of patients that come through my door, (and my dogs seems to adore being stroked by all of them). While treating people with a wide range of illnesses, I am deeply committed to helping my patients gain the knowledge to treat their own families. I believe that education is the key to helping grow Homeopathy, so I also offer short courses to people, explaining how they can treat minor illnesses without the need to rush to the Doctor every time they are ill.

I am married to Bruce and we have 4 daughters, who are in their teens and twenties. Before I found Homeopathy I was an IT Lecturer and a Chef. I also designed children’s wallpaper. I have been treating my children with Homeopathy for 16 years, and have seen first hand how Homeopathy can help, not just the acute situations, but also the chronic. I knew that I had to become a Homeopath, as I was so passionate about this beautiful medicine.

Homeopathy has taught me to take back control of my life and I believe that the family is the most important place to begin this approach to healthcare. Growing up the daughter of a Doctor has given me the utmost respect for the healthcare profession but if we bring an integrated approach to our health – using Homeopathy as our main structure – then we are creating the best start for our children and also for ourselves.

Special Interest

My special area of interest is skin issues such as Eczema and Psoriasis. This focus developed when one of my daughters had horrific Psoriasis and was an in-patient at our local Hospital, on a cocktail of harsh drugs and other debilitating treatments. She was not just scarred physically but also emotionally. This traumatic time affected us all but I am delighted to now say that she is completely drug free, after being treated with Homeopathy. This experience has given me a much deeper understanding of how difficult this condition is both physically and mentally. I see chronic skin conditions alongside allergies in people of all ages. Often food intolerance and allergies go hand in hand with eczema. Steroid use will only create more chronic problems, as the suppression of skin conditions can cause long term damage to the patient. Many patients have been taking steroids for decades and have sustained skin damage from these medications. Homeopathy works at addressing the root cause as to why these conditions have arisen, rather than suppressing then.

My other speciality is Homeopathic Coaching for dog owners. I have treated my 4 generations of Labradors using Homeopathy and now offer Homeopathic coaching to fellow dog owners, helping them treat their dogs with Homeopathy. I have had many dog owners contact me with a myriad of conditions, and it is heartwarming to see their four legged friends romping around on the beach, full of beans after their indicated remedies.

I love walking on the beach at the bottom of my road, where I often bump into all the other chocolate labradors I have bred, and seeing how they have grown. At home, I love to cook Indian foods and grow my own vegetables – which our tortoise, Marvin, lenjoys eating too. I also love to swim, as I find it is one of the only times when I am completely absorbed in nothing, just being in the moment. I attend my local Church and have been known to bake a cake or two for our meetings afterwards.

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Thank you Rachel for making a start on opening the boxes that make my issues easier to understand. Your 2 way approach to homeopathy and listening, your excellent insight and explanations on how our wellbeing is paramount as a basis for our health. Thank you Rachel

Mrs Denise Smith

Rachel has really helped myself and my son with various health issues. I have seen a great improvement in my symptoms since taking her remedies and I would definitely recommend her to friends and family. She is very knowledgeable about many health conditions and has a lovely calming manner.

Mrs M Bojtler

Thank you Rachel for all your work. Even after a few sessions I felt that there was an instant change in my skin and my mental health once I had started the remedies that you had sent me. 4 years of skin problems, gone in a matter of weeks! I cannot thank you enough!

Olivia Cattrall

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