Rachel Gawne

Licensed Classical and Practical Homeopath

About Rachel

I’m Rachel, an experienced homeopath and mother of a lovely 8-year-old girl. Our family lives on the south coast of the UK in sunny, breezy Brighton.

I discovered homeopathy in my 20s having suffered from very bad hay fever from childhood. Each summer I took plenty of medication and stayed indoors with heavy nose bleeds, streaming eyes and violent sneezing, but nothing really worked for long. By sheer luck I was put in touch with a homeopath and when my allergy eased and eventually faded away, I was hooked! Knowing that homeopathy can make such a big difference to our health and wellbeing is exciting.

In 2007 I qualified as a homeopath and am a full member of the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths. I treat men, women and children for many different health issues from my local practice in Brighton and globally online. I continue to build and enrich my knowledge of homeopathy with professional training.

I love homeopathy because it treats the whole person, mind and body. Whether it is a physical or emotional issue, it is a real pleasure to see someone who felt they had the weight of the world on their shoulders, start to feel better and smile.

I look forward to working with you.


Special Interest

Whilst I run a general practice, my special interests are Anxiety/ Depression and ADHD.


“Following a long period of stress I found that I was not coping well with everyday life. I kept bursting into tears or thinking morbid thoughts. After homeopathic and flower essence prescriptions from Rachel I was amazed to find that my mood lightened, the tears stopped and life felt better.”

Female, aged 40

“I was diagnosed with a polycystic ovaries a year ago – a huge cyst was identified on the left ovary and a smaller one on the right. I was then further diagnosed with endometriosis. After homeopathic remedies from Rachel, both cysts reduced in size very quickly and then disappeared. It is fantastic! We are now working on the endometriosis.”

Female, aged 30

“Hi Rachel. Just updating you about B. I gave him his last dose on Sunday and since the last time we saw you, he has been in good health and the first time in 3 years we had a healthy B for xmas! He has also been very talkative by himself when he is playing (pretend play) and with other people (relatives who visited over xmas and new year).”

Mother of boy with selective mutism, aged 3

“Having suffered from Pityriasis Versicolor and Candida for the last seven years, Rachel Gawne has been able to offer the first constructive support I have received for this condition. Over a 6 month period my skin has improved no end and I am generally more healthy in both body and mind, I recommend her highly.”

Male, aged 27

“I have now finished both my remedy and the flower essence mixture. I have been feeling quite a lot better. I have been sleeping well and do not feel as stressed as I had previously been, I feel a lot calmer inside. The pulsatilla for the sinusitis worked very well, thank you.”

Female, aged 52

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