Pailin Brzeski

Licensed Homeopath

About Pailin

I specialise in the treatment of complex chronic conditions – from hormonal to musculoskeletal, neurological to developmental. As a Homeopath my perspective is holistic, everything is connected and, in my experience, will always involve varying degrees of TRAUMA, TOXINS &/or DEFICIENCIES. My approach to treatment is firmly focussed on results and may involve numerous homeopathic remedies in any one prescription.

I have a Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Homeopathy through the University of Middlesex and a Licentiate through the College of Homeopathic Education. I have as a post-graduate undertaken training with Dutch Homeopath, Ton Jansen and am a confident Human Chemistry Integrated Therapy [HC] prescriber. I have also studied extensively with English Homeopath, Colin Griffith for over a decade now, whose New Materia Medica remedies are invaluable in my practice.

The basis for my homeopathic approach to treatment is founded on the New Biology – a healing movement established by a dedicated group of Medical Doctors and Scientists disillusioned with the misconceptions that form the foundations of mainstream science and medicine. In alignment with the New Biology principles, I emphasise the value of water, sunshine, frequency and nourishing foods alongside the homeopathic prescribing that I undertake.

I run several Facebook groups – Human Chemistry Homeopathy, Homeopathy for Grief and Trauma and Homeopathy for Post “Cookie” Symptoms group focussed on toxic damage and am soon to launch my own Nourishing Tradition recipes on my site.

Book in a 15 Minute INTRODUCTORY CALL here if you would like to meet me or alternatively you can book directly on to my calendar via my BOOKING PAGE here.

Special Interest

TRAUMA: since surgery, birth, accident, emotional or ancestral

TOXICITY: toxic injury, ill effects of medications, metals, poison


“I was really worried about my 11 year old son. After the death of three grandparents and the pressure from lockdown he had developed health anxiety and very difficult behaviour. He had major sleep problems…outbursts…anticipatory anxiety. (…) After Pailin’s homeopathics we have noticed a wonderful change. he had a fear of going swimming…he now swims; he sleeps perfectly well now and doesn’t try to stay away in case anything bad happens… His confidence has grown and he is certainly happier.”

“I wish I had contacted you sooner, I have been struggling with the crippling fatigue since that second injection. After three doses of that remedy I am feeling really good, more energy then I have had in ages.”

“Wow what a change! I took 2 doses and I can literally feel pressure being released down my whole left side, down my face, my neck, chest, shoulder and also through my back. How crazy!”

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