Nour Azem

Professional Homeopath

About Nour

I am Nour, a Homeopath registered in the UK. I have a bachelor’s degree in science and had the honour of studying and training under renowned homeopaths during my journey to become a qualified homeopath.

Fluency in English, Arabic, and German allows me to effectively communicate with individuals from diverse backgrounds, ensuring clear understanding and personalised treatment plans.

Throughout my career, I’ve gained valuable experience and honed my skills by working in prestigious homeopathic pharmacies in the UK. Currently, I work with individuals worldwide, with a specific focus on headaches, anxiety, sleep disorders, and mental well-being. I provide consultations for both adults and children, as I believe in promoting wellness from an early stage in life.

My passion for homeopathy began during my childhood in Germany, where I personally experienced its remarkable benefits for common ailments. Later, when faced with high levels of stress, homeopathy provided me with a transformative solution that left a profound impact. This experience ultimately motivated me to study and share the power of healing with others.

While my professional life revolves around helping others on their healing journeys, my family is my top priority outside of work. Splitting my time between the vibrant city of London and the serene countryside of Berkshire, I find inspiration in both settings and cherish the dynamic contrasts.

I find great fulfilment in witnessing individuals empower themselves to take control of their health. It is my desire to share my knowledge of homeopathy, in the hopes that it can serve as an additional resource on their journey towards wellbeing.

Special Interest

I have special interest in anxiety, sleep disorders, headaches and mental wellbeing.


English, Arabic and German


“I wanted to express my gratitude for your invaluable help in alleviating my daughter’s headaches. Thanks to your treatment, she can now complete her school work effortlessly and carry on with her daily activities without the burden of headaches.”

“After years of suffering from chronic constipation, I can finally say that I have normal bowel movements thanks to your expertise. I only wish I had discovered you sooner. Thank you for bringing relief to my life.”

“Thank you so much for enabling me to confidently present my work on stage. As someone who has always struggled with public speaking, your support has been life-changing. I am truly grateful to have found you.”

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