Murat Basaran

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About Murat

Hi I’m Murat, a licensed and registered homeopath based in the UK with over 20 years experience in supporting people back to health through homeopathy. I run a general practice treating a wide spectrum of ailments including childhood illnesses, men’s health and women’s health and chronic disease. I specialise in trauma, toxicity and skin issues and where needed include natural health and wellbeing advice to help inform, educate and support your healing journey.

I was fortunate enough to study at the Practical College of Homeopathy London, UK, learning directly from the principal Robert Davidson, an amazing teacher who totally revolutionised my thinking about health and stirred my passion and fascination for this art and science called homeopathy with its principles based in the natural law of like cures like. I finished my studies at the then newly formed the Centre for Homeopathic Education (CHE), London gaining my licentiate in the summer of 1999. We had great team of eclectic teachers who challenged our concepts around health and stretched our critical thinking skills. Our patron was Robin Murphy ND, another truly inspiring teacher who also left an amazing legacy through his incredible knowledge, research, experimentation and writings.

My own journey with homeopathy started when I stumbled upon or rather I should say I was guided to my vocation thanks to two very special people, my original homeopath Jill White who helped me overcome some serious personal issues and find my direction and path in life, and my old friend Marcus who had then just started his own homeopathic journey prior to setting up the Centre for Homeopathic Education and with a lot of faith and patience kept enthusing me to go to an open day at Roberts college.

Homeopathy totally changed my life. How can I say that with absolute certainty? Well at the time of having my first course of homeopathic treatment, I wasn’t on any other medication of any kind, I wasn’t really aware of holistic medicine or natural treatments so hadn’t encountered any of the many natural treatments and therapies on offer and so I didn’t really know what to expect. I just knew I needed help. Within weeks my health and whole dynamic started to change, and I’ve been on this amazing healing and transformational journey ever since. I can safely say that homeopathy has woken me up to the world of natural health, healing and has taught me in a very practical and down to earth that homeopathy has the keys to unlock and release disturbances whether they are affecting us on a mental, emotional or physical level and helps to restore our health, energy and vitality and get us back to being whole again.

Having lived in cities all of my life I recently took the opportunity to live out in the countryside where our nearest village is about 5 miles away. Its great! I live with my wife in an old farm workers cottage, with a large enough garden for 12 happy hens and 2 very sweet cats. I have a dedicated homeopathy office where I do my online consultations from, and I travel to a local clinic for face to face appointments.

I have a love of ancient cultures and civilizations and I am fascinated by the many wonders of the ancient world that we still have no idea how to replicate in our modern age. I am inspired by many ancient teachings, philosophies and religions both East and West and love seeing the universality and commonality between seemingly distant cultures.

There is so much knowledge and wisdom that has existed for thousands of years that we are only just beginning to understand and appreciate and for me this includes knowledge of healing with energy, vibration, frequency. It is a fascinating journey and links in with my love of homeopathy which itself is built on the foundations of ancient knowledge and wisdom and refined in a way that means we as homeopaths can effectively prescribe natural remedies to help overcome disease in a safe, gentle and effective way.

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Special Interest

I have a special interest in mental health, toxicity and skin issues.

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