Morris Tuffery

Registered Classical Homeopath

About Morris

From an early age I have believed in the inter relationship of mind, body and soul. We as an individual have our own unique energetic expression of who we are. Our body, marvellous in all its makeup, is still only the vehicle for our ‘reason-gifted mind’. I see an integrative approach to health as essential for balancing one’s life on all levels.
While travelling in the late 1970’s I was living and working in England when I became friends with an amazing Scottish healer who introduced me to homeopathy and lots of other healing modalities. She helped me see that my run-down condition at that time was due to imbalances in my diet and lifestyle. The homeopathic remedies she gave me helped in such a dramatic and rapid way that I was soon reading all I could on homeopathy.

Before returning to New Zealand, I purchased a basic first aid kit from Nelsons pharmacy in London. I only used the kit initially to treat myself and family for everyday ailments, but it soon spread to friends.

It was then that I decided to study it more seriously. As well as passing the registration exam put out by the New Zealand Homeopathic society, I qualified as a Naturopath through the South Pacific College of Natural Therapeutics. I then set up practice as a homeopath in a public clinic in New Plymouth. This was a general practice where I saw every kind of illness, but it was also a great opportunity to help educate people on the power and efficacy of homeopathy. I taught regular first aid and intermediate courses over many years, to encourage people to take responsibility for their own health and to get their own basic kit of remedies. It gives people confidence when they understand that they can easily handle the everyday colds, ear infections, stomach upsets etc and only need the support and consultation of their homeopath for more chronic conditions.
In recent years, I had reduced my clinical hours but with the advent of Zoom as a viable consultation tool I have become re-enthused as this means being able to help clients anywhere in the world. In the meantime, I was on the executive committee of the New Zealand homeopathic Society, spending several years as the Vice -President. I am registered with the New Zealand Council of Homeopaths (RCHom), the recognised registration board for professional homeopaths.

My passion for homeopathy has never dimmed since that first introduction. I just feel inspired and grateful that this form of medicine is so easily available, simple to use and so wonderfully effective. Every patient is a different ‘world’ I have the privilege of venturing into and every patient teaches me something and I am forever reminded that it is a lifetime study.

I now live on a lifestyle block just south of Auckland in New Zealand. My wife, who is a professional Astrologer. We have 10 acres of land where we grow vegetables and fruit trees and are presently looking to open up to others moving on to our land to live in their own Tiny Houses.

Special Interest

In have a special interest in children’s complaints, especially in developmental and learning difficulties.

There is a great need in today’s world to protect our children. The proliferation of fast-food diets, overuse of medications, massive amounts of intrusive therapies, electromagnetic exposure, powerful toxins in our food and water and the breakup of societal family support systems has meant a huge impost on the health of our children.
Behavioural problems in children can , in most cases, be aided by homeopathy and do not need in depth psychiatric analysis. The number of children on the autistic spectrum has skyrocketed in recent years. Regardless of the cause, homeopathy certainly offers some help and the possibility of restoring normal function if treated early enough.

Homeopathy can help a child’s development on all levels. From failure to thrive right through to the worst behavioural issues, it is such a rewarding thing to see how children can quickly bounce back to being healthy, active and responsive and interested in the adventure of learning.


Before using homeopathy James was always wanting Mum ,even when showering, and liked to just be around people he feels comfortable with. He has had over 30 anaesthetics since birth which may have caused a huge role in his behaviour. Since using the homoeopathy James has become a very independent young boy. He likes to bath and shower by himself, dress himself and doesn’t need Mum with him 24/7. He’s sleeping through the night and is happy to go off without me. He has also become very confident. This is truly a miracle by only taking two homeopathic pills and the change it has made to him is seriously extraordinary. Thank you Morris so much in helping James get to where he is today and especially before he starts school.

Four year old boy

Hi Morris, I’m feeling much better. After just three days I have more energy, not so breathless, no sweating for 3 days. In fact needing to put pj’s on at night now. I am much clearer in my head. This is quite remarkable Morris!

67 year old man

Morning Morris, as soon as I took the first dose yesterday there was an immediate improvement in the eye. It was quite amazing, within minutes! Swelling went down around the eye and tension headache decreased. Eye was gunked up this morning but was clear by lunchtime.The redness on the eye itself is less and not as angry. Cheers, S.

45 year old woman

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