Monika Bruckner

Professional Homeopath

About Monika

Hi, my name is Monika Bruckner, I am a professional homeopath in Los Angeles, CA.

I grew up in Germany and was treated early on with homeopathy for all kinds of common ailments. During my studies and career as a singer in Paris I would always seek out a homeopathic doctor If I needed help.

Two personal experiences left a deep impression with me and helped cement my love and respect for homeopathy: the speedy recovery from an acute kidney infection and, years later, the full recovery from a severe autoimmune disease.

After moving to Los Angeles I observed that my singer colleagues had little awareness of the benefits of homeopathy. After starting to introduce them to homeopathy, some colleagues even started asking me for advice for their ailments.

This led me to study Homeopathy with the Los Angeles School of Homeopathy, from where I graduated in 2010.

I continue to perfect my knowledge with renowned experts of the field, such as Jonathan Shore, Will Taylor and Louis Klein, in his Luminos Homeopathic Master Clinician course. I am now on the faculty of the Los Angeles School of Homeopathy where I teach homeopathy and do clinic supervision. With the school I went to India in 2018 to observe the very busy clinics at the Homeopathic University in Jaipur.

In addition to being a homeopath, I am a classically trained singer and voice teacher. I like to help singers and others who use their voice in a professional setting with a combination of homeopathy and vocal training.

When not consulting with my patients, singing with professional ensembles on Los Angeles or teaching , I love to take long walks at the beach, and practice Yoga and Meditation.

Special Interest

I love homeopathy because it addresses the whole being. Because of my own experiences, my special interest is in auto immune disease and digestive issues, with a concentration on healthy liver-spleen-gallbladder.


English, French and German

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“Monika saved my Thanksgiving!

When I came down with a sinus infection right before last Thanksgiving, Monika recommended a remedy that put me back on track within a day!

I could fully enjoy the holiday with my family and friends.”

T. G.

“I am so thankful for Monika’s thoughtful care and attention to the details of my illness from one day to the next. Careful application of remedies helped me recover and feel better much faster than if I had gone the traditional medicine route!”

C. S.

“Monika has always been an amazing homeopath for me.

She says when the remedy is correct, it works quickly. In this respect she has been spot on and when she nails it, I will feel markedly better in 10 minutes! She has been so accurate so often, when I don’t feel better within a day, we go back to the drawing board to find another complementary remedy or she questions me further in case I have left out a crucial piece of information, which many times I have. Monika thinks about acute remedies but also balances the long term healing of the body with an eye to what supports the immune system as it does the damage control in the process of combating the illness. Not only do I feel better, but at the end of it, with her guidance, I feel like my body has healed in a deeper way, strengthening my overall health and resiliency.”

V. B.

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