Maha Mansour

Medically-Trained Licensed Classical Homeopath

About Maha

I am a registered homeopath in Ontario, graduate of the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine in Toronto. I am a member of Ontario College of Homeopaths. I live in Ottawa, the quiet, green capital city of Canada. I am married and have two sons.

I graduated from the Faculty of Medicine – Cairo University in 1987. Then I finished my MSc and MD degrees in Pediatrics and promoted to Professor of Pediatrics in Cairo University. I worked in Kuwait for five years where I established a unique Pediatric Weight Control Clinic for the prevention and treatment of obesity and its complications in children.

I started my journey with homeopathy when I moved to Canada with my family. I found Homeopathy very interesting because the unique concept of homeopathic philosophy is the theory of vital force which is a spirit like energy which directs all aspects of life in the organism.

As an internationally trained doctor, I used to treat an illness by prescribing a medicine which produced opposite or contrary symptoms. But, in homeopathy, we will give a remedy which causes similar symptoms. So, we created a stronger similar artificial disease that overcome the weaker natural disease which leads to smooth, perfect and rapid healing.

A famous example in my field as a pediatrician is the methylphenidate hydrochloride or Ritalin. This stimulant drug used in conventional medicine as a treatment for hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children. They have never been explained why stimulant used to calm an already overstimulated child. Simply, this is another case of “like treating like” but unfortunately, it is not used in homeopathic doses, so it produces many side effects.

The homeopath must adapt what is curative in medicines to what is diseased in patients. So, during consultation with me, we are working together to address the full mental, emotional and physical symptoms as accurate and complete as we can to choose the best matching remedy.

During my free time, I like making bags, rugs or doily by crocheting. The feeling of creating something from scratch is interesting for me. In addition, it also reduces stress and promotes relaxation.

Special Interest

My special interest is helping people with eczema and asthma in different age groups. In my practice as a pediatrician, I found that eczema and asthma are two major, common illness in children. The children have to take long-term treatment including steroids which may affect their growth. So it was appealing for me to help those children and their families to find a better, safe and gentle alternative of healing using homeopathic remedies.

If you want to know more about homeopathy and how it works, please book 15 minutes free meet and greet call in my calendar.


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She was absolutely fabulous!! She was incredibly patient with me, when I was at my worst. She listened to me and honored what I was saying about my body and my symptoms. She was very fast to offer feedback and a new remedy, when the symptom picture changed. She was very professional and whatever suggestions she offered the remedies seemed to be spot on! She never seemed bothered when I shared new symptoms. She was caring, kind, helpful and willing to support me to get me well again!! Soooo very thankful for all her knowledge, her loving attitude and her willingness to partner with me to get me healthy!! 🙂


I worked with Maha Monsour and she was the best! Great professional, very supportive and very helpful! I trusted her with my little baby who had atopic dermatitis and he got so much better after Maha’s prescriptions.

I would definitely trust Maha again! I got very good results and she was so responsive, she was responding even in weekends and late hours.

Love working with Maha and will definitely reach out to her in the future as well!


My 12 year old daughter was always sick and lethargic; by the end of the school day, she was ready for bed. Even the common cold would force her to miss weeks of school since she never seemed to recover. This had gone on for years with multiple visits to a multitude of doctors.

After our first meeting with Maha, my child’s energy immediately perked up; shortly after, a stomach flu was quickly resolved. This was all accomplished with natural homeopathic remedies with absolutely no side-effects. Now three years later, she is functioning like a normal teen and doing well in high school!

Maha’s qualifications as a medical doctor and a homeopath is certainly a rarity but an auspicious find. Luckily for us, she lives in Ottawa.


Dr. Maha has helped me a lot with my condition. She recommended me remedies to better my health and was fast with communication and everything was communicated clearly. I really appreciate her help and recommend her to anyone who is looking for a homeopathic medical doctor.


She’s very professional and experienced. She is caring, helpful and supportive. She’s very responsive and knows what she’s doing. I’ve already recommended her to other people and have my daughter see her. My son had severe eczema on his right leg. He had mild eczema on his arms and left leg. He often had rash/red dots on his face. The eczema is now completely gone! He’s no longer suffering from painful rashes. I’m very grateful and appreciative.


I had some annoying medical conditions (flatulence, abdominal gases, hair falling, urine incontinence, and back pain). I tried conventional medical treatment for two years but without any improvement. I heard about Care & Cure Homeopathy and decided to give this natural medicine a try. After the first consultation, Maha prescribed a homeopathic remedy and advised me to take only two doses one month apart. After the first dose I felt marked improvement. After the second dose, I was nearly completely cured from gases, flatulence, urine incontinence, with no more hair falling and marked improvement of my back pain. Thanks to Maha and to this natural healing modality which is effective, safe and fast.


I am so relieved I found Dr. Maha Mansur! She is professional, attentive, caring, and thorough. I have seen amazing results just a few weeks into treatment. If you have a condition that you were told has no cure and you can’t do anything about, talk to Dr. Maha!

Iman Mahmoud

I consider myself lucky to be able to finally find Dr. Maha Mansour who happened to live in Ottawa. I am in my mid-seventies male. I have been suffering from itchy skin and swollen ankles. I have been looking for a knowledgeable and experience homeopathic doctor for long time, I was very impressed with Dr. Maha’s qualifications. Dr. Maha is also an internationally trained medical doctor and homeopathic practitioner who is very knowledgeable and expert in helping patients. I knew Dr. Maha is a God sent angel for me, I called her and explained my issues, she was very polite. Dr. Maha agreed to help me and started treating my swollen ankles and itchy skin. I started to feel better and relief from itching, within few weeks I was almost normal, itching became history and then she start treating my swollen ankles, I was very excited to see my ankles back to normal in less than two weeks. Dr. Maha Mansour told me that I can call her anytime in future, which made me feel more comfortable and secure, I wish she was my family doctor. Thank you Dr. Maha

Param Pujji

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