Lisa Robbins

Licensed Classical Homeopath

About Lisa

I am passionate about this old and new healing art that unites nature’s wisdom with the precepts of physics. We take the journey toward your better health together. Along the way, almost imperceptible shifts in vitality gently release stuck patterns, reveal new perspectives, guide you to be a better you. My patients feel supported and nurtured; they say I am a good listener, energetic and enthusiastic, thorough in case-taking, patient and persevering in the search for the remedy.

When my children came home with ear, nose and throat complaints in the tropics, a visit to the GP would result in antibiotic treatment, which often had side effects. There must be a gentler, more specific way to help them, I thought. I learned that homeopathy reminds the body how to heal itself by stimulating the vital force and, best of all, set right the whole person, by addressing underlying causes. And it is gentle enough for babies, pregnant women, the elderly and animals and has no side effects. As a complementary therapy, it works alongside ongoing conventional medical treatment. What’s not to like?

I began treating family and friends over 25 years ago. I offer personal care, tailor-made for the patient, in a safe and welcoming space. I help them detox, recover balance and shape a pathway to better vitality. Negative perceptions that stop or block them begin to shift as the right remedy triggers the mind and the body to find balance. They report far-reaching, long-lasting positive changes.

I earned my Practitioner Advanced Diploma in Homeopathy from The School of Homeopathy in Stroud and continue professional development through lectures, webinars and study. I worked at Ainsworth’s Pharmacy in London as a clinic practitioner, advising patients and making remedies. Today I work online via Googlemeet, Skype and Zoom as well as face-to-face. I specialise in Gut Health and Kids & Teens, and work with all ages, from baby to retired. I launched my practice in London in 2013.

Born in the United States, I have spent most of my life in Europe. A British and American author and editor, I enjoy writing, trekking and guitar-playing, alongside my homeopathy practice.

Special Interest

I am currently building a focus on digestive system complaints, from heart burn and bowel troubles (IBS diarrhoea, constipation) through stomach ulcers and diverticulitis. It’s impossible to focus on work or enjoy leisure time when digestive problems arise. Gut health is a direct line to best brain function, literally.

Please see my community groups on FaceBook:  Gut HealthKids and Teens.


Lisa is a wonderful listener, very thorough and open-minded who will choose the right remedy to restore you to health and balance.

J, Lucca, 2020

There has been a 360-degree shift in attitude since taking the remedy. I am (now) willing to let things go. I feel balanced and more confident of my own capabilities in coping when things go wrong. Something has lifted off. I can create my own life.

C, Florence, 2018

This is one of the biggest things that has happened to me. I am feeling much better. I have become pro-active. I am in a good space with relatives – I accept them the way they are. Now when something goes wrong, I am calm and allow things to happen as they do. I choose to argue less; before, everything was my battle. The homeopathy has done this.

M, Florence, 2018

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