Katie Emerson

Qualified Professional Homeopath

About Katie

Hi, I’m Katie! Originally from Ontario, Canada, I now call beautiful New Zealand home for the last 15 years. I’m a proud mum of three incredible kids, a devoted dog mom to a lovely black lab, and happily married to my supportive husband. While family is my everything, I also find joy in creative outlets like cooking, crafting natural products, and planning my dream food forest for my new garden. I’ve been embracing traditional practices and homesteading in my semi-suburban home. My exciting plans involve raising laying chickens, using homeopathy for their well-being, and exploring beekeeping as a hobby in my home garden. Laughing and connecting with nature are my sources of grounding, while keeping a strong faith and always remaining open-minded are important parts of who I am.

My innate nurturing side guided me towards healing and therapeutic arts, from childhood play as a paediatrician to professional education and training. I now hold certifications as a homeopath after working as a clinical audiologist for many years. I’ve switched from tech to traditional methods! The health struggles of both my child and our chocolate labrador influenced my choice to change careers. Western medicine didn’t provide the solutions for my child and dog, so I embarked on a holistic journey that eventually led me to become a homeopath and practice other holistic modalities.

Considering the environmental health challenges we face daily, I strongly believe in the significance of gently detoxing our bodies. This belief holds true in both practice and life, particularly when working with someone homeopathically. As an audiologist, my clinical experience has enhanced my understanding of homeopathic remedies for auditory ailments such as ear infections, glue ear, and swimmer’s ear, particularly in children. I am now certified in Cellular Nutrition Therapy, which involves analyzing facial features to determine micronutrient deficiencies and selecting corresponding tissue salts. I’m a firm believer in the therapeutic benefits of tissue salt therapy, which I consider to be a beautiful complement to homeopathic support.

As I have a passion for learning, I’m currently creating homeopathic remedy materia medica cards so that motivated home users and even homeopathic students can quickly and easily learn the keynotes of 100 top homeopathic remedies. Stay tuned.

Special Interest

I have a special interest in the auditory system and identifying tissue salts deficiencies.


I was sick with what was probably Covid and felt absolutely awful. The most unbearable symptom was the excruciating pain that spread from my lower back to my hips, making it impossible to find relief. Katie is my go-to for ozone therapy, but she suggested I give homeopathy a try this time. In just a few hours, the specific remedy she provided allowed me to find relief, sleep well, and stay asleep. I was so grateful for the relief.


Anna’s long-standing intermittent issues have been resolved, thanks to the Mag Phos Katie gave her, resulting in regular bowel movements and overall improved health. She’s even going to the toilet without issues when she visits her dad. Katie didn’t just ask for Anna’s health history through me, she made an effort to understand Anna’s circumstances and how they impacted her life from Anna’s point of view. Thank you so much!


Whenever I am sick with a cold, I suffer from a dry, hacking cough that intensifies at night and shakes my head with each coughing fit. My wife and I were both exhausted because I couldn’t sleep and it kept her awake too. I contacted Katie for an acute consult. She was able to take my case over the phone and come up a remedy to support my cough within a couple of hours. I really noticed that when I took the remedy before bed, my cough wasn’t causing me nearly as much grief and we could all get a better quality sleep. Since it was so effective for me, I have this remedy on hand in case I develop a similar cough.


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