Karen Runacres

Classical Homeopath

About Karen

Hi, I’m Karen. I have been a Homeopath since 2001 and even now, it still amazes me with what Homeopathy allows people to achieve. Homeopathy is a gentle, holistic and lifelong support for your health and life journey.

When I was in my early 30’s I attended an introductory talk on Homeopathy; this was the start of my healing journey. I was dissatisfied with my current career; I was looking for something more meaningful in my life. As I listened to the talk, I was entranced; I just didn’t want the talk to end. It was fascinating and inspiring and suddenly everything made perfect sense and clarified things that no one had ever been able to explain about my own health before.

Decision made! I had to become a Homeopath. I trained as a Classical Homeopath. I gave up a lucrative and successful sales career because achieving a sales target pales into insignificance against seeing someone improve their health and wellbeing through Homeopathy. It was the best decision of my life.

Soon after I completed my Homeopathy qualification, I studied the Dynamis Advanced Homeopathy course. The nature of Homeopathy is vital and progressive so I continue to study to ensure I am aware of the lastest ideas and remedies My practice constantly evolves as I incorporate these ideas and concepts into my work.

Homeopathy continues to be an integral part of my healing journey. Sharing my experience and supporting my patients on their health journey is an absolute joy for me.

I always felt Cornwall was my soul home, so when I eventually moved here in 2018, I felt life was really moving in the right direction. Within six weeks, I had opened my home to two gorgeous rescue dogs. This filled me with joy, I adore sharing my life with four paws, they just add another wonderful dimension to my life.

I relax by spending time on the beach, I just love to listen to the waves. I find it so soothing, and I have come to appreciate a bright sunny winter day on the beach.

Despite visiting Cornwall many times, I still love exploring and finding new places to go. I love good food, going to the theatre, cinema and listening to good music – which is totally defined by my mood!

Special Interest

My practice started in 2001, and has always revolved around mental and emotional situations and how my patients respond to them.
I want to get to the root cause of what is affecting your health; sometimes this isn’t always apparent straight away. In my experience, the root cause of your physical or emotional responses, is often family and relationship dynamics.

Through the exploration of my own family dynamics I understand how much impact they can have on us. I use what I have learnt myself and from my patients to guide you through the rocky roads that we tread during emotional challenges. With support and good remedies, these difficult experiences can be healed and release you to grow and achieve your fullest potential.

My own healing journey has taken me through many of life’s trials and tribulations including parental issues, divorce, death, major career changes, financial debts and multiple moves around the country.
This experience equips me with the empathy and understanding to gently guide you through your healing journey.


“Only two sessions with Karen but that was all I needed. The remedies Karen chose for me are spot on. I have the so needed support and relief straight away. Feeling really grateful Karen for your skill and healing thank you”

Mrs. G.H

“Karen is so empathic, knowledgeable and considerate. She has really helped me on my homeopathic journey and there’s always a remedy for any symptoms/illnesses that I may be experiencing. I have felt much better since working with Karen and listening to what my body needs.”

Stephanie Trussler

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