José Pedro Guimarães

Professional Classical Homeopath

About José Pedro

Hello, my name is José Guimarães. I was born in Angola, and graduated as a pharmacist in Portugal. Before university I was very prone to subtle energies especially when I started to learn about Reiki, that was the beginning of my journey in the energy subtleness field. So was not a surprise that as soon as I finish my training as a pharmacist I immediately fall in love with homeopathy. What pushed me away from it, was seeing people taking ten drugs daily, 2-3 for an issue, 4-5 for side effects of the first ones and 1-3 for pain. My only thought was… we can do better than that. So I went to London, where I graduated as a Homeopath in the Centre Of Homeopathic Education. And the same time, I accomplish 3 years of the Sensation Method Course from the Aroga School in Chesterfield with Dr. Gurmej Virk.

While studying Homeopathy I work for 8 years in Ainsworth’s Homeopathic as a pharmacist/homoeopath where I upgrade my skills in acutes as well as assisting many seminars about different methods of applying homoeopathy and seeing patients. I adopt a quite flexible approach according to the patient but always classic.

In 2017 a familiar incident took me back to Angola, where I currently run a family Pharmacy business and also alongside increasing the awareness of Natural Medicine in Angola, with natural products and having homoeopathic consultations with local people.

Special Interest

My specialization is the mental/emotional conditions, from anxiety, panic attacks to depression or phobias. What motivates me is helping people, especially teenagers, to transform their weaknesses into their strengths and give them a second chance by defeating the “enemy” within their heads. Also supporting long stand chronic conditions in over-medicated people.


In the 40 years since I came to this pharmacy, you had given me the best advice ever in terms of my health problem.

After your remedy, my compulsive eating was reduced by 70%, and I no longer have the uncontrollable desire to eat when I´m feeling uneasy.

After the remedy you gave me, my skin had minor changes, but what I realize was that my perspective of life changed to a more healthy way.

“I called for an acute care appointment and spoke with José Pedro Guimarães. I was experiencing complications due to a miscarriage 3 weeks prior. He listened well, asked thoughtful questions, and emailed me a remedy within an hour. Within 24 hours on the remedy, my energy was back and my other symptoms dissipated. After 72 hours, I feel great! I’m thankful for his care and expertise at choosing the precise remedy for me.”


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