Joanna Witkowska

Professional Homeopath

About Joanna

Hi, I’m Joanna, a homeopath and naturopath licensed and based in Switzerland.

My journey with homeopathy: an experience I wish everyone could share…

I first experienced the joys of homeopathy when my son was born. What a perfect timing it was! I was working as a lawyer at that time with lots of stress and tight schedules. But motherhood and my encounter with natural medicine have changed me deeply as a person in so many ways and led me to a new and a fascinating professional path. 

Honestly, I can hardly imagine how my family’s life and health would have been without homeopathy and I am profoundly grateful to life for this gift. I have seen my children and myself go through various health challenges with the gentle yet profound action of the magic little pills and it’s sometimes short of a miracle situations. We have been smoothly sailing with homeopathy through reflux, sleep problems, infections, post-surgery care, cuts and bruises, warts, gut problems, pregnancy ailments, behavior challenges, Lyme disease, just to name a few. Our family doctor, whom we see routinely every so long, says “just keep doing what you are doing”.

My passion for natural medicine began early, but it was seeing our family homeopath’s impact on my son’s health that truly inspired me. Her dedication influenced how I work with clients today. As I learned more, I saw how homeopathy connects with important truths about health and nature. All this led me to study homeopathy and naturopathy for six years in Switzerland and to walk in that inspiring homeopath’s footsteps. I continue to stay updated on the latest advancements in homeopathy, honing my skills alongside esteemed experts in the field to offer the best care possible.

… and what I do to make it happen for my clients

In every consultation, whether for an acute issue or a comprehensive assessment for a chronic one, my priority is to truly understand your concerns. We will look closely at what might have triggered your ailment, how you experience it, and what brings relief or worsens it.

At the core of my approach lies classical homeopathy, but I also draw from a toolkit of various effective homeopathic methods, each time tailoring treatment to your individual needs. For clients facing complex challenges such as ASD or Lyme disease, I believe in thoroughly exploring their health history. This process often reveals the impact of various toxins and environmental stressors, which it is crucial to know for navigating the path to a better health.

The human body possesses an incredible capacity for self-healing. Together, we’ll gently tap into this inner power through the use of homeopathy and naturopathy. My goal is to address your concerns while prioritizing your long-term well-being. It’s not just about easing symptoms; the holistic approach of homeopathy allows clients to gain a new perspective on their health context, how they are coping with life’s challenges, and how they might reconnect with their inner resources to enjoy life to the full.

I believe respect, confidence, and trust are essential in the client-homeopath relationship. Providing a safe and non-judgmental space where clients feel comfortable sharing their concerns is paramount to me. If you’d like to get a sens of how I work and how I can support you, please schedule a complimentary 15-minute chat with me directly. It’s perfect for any questions you may have before booking your appointment.

When not wearing my therapist hat, I am…

…a joyful and enthusiastic person, centered on family life. Our family of four lives in a small village between Lake Geneva and the Alps, with our cherished dog and two cats. I have started growing our own veggies and fruits drawing from wonderful permaculture concepts, which mirror the harmony of nature, actually much like natural medicine!
My kids and I are learning to play the piano, and being of Polish origin, I am naturally drawn to Chopin. I only wish I had started this as a kid! We all love skiing, swimming in the lake and hiking as well.

Special Interest

Autism and Gut Health

Like most homeopaths, I started with a general practice, seeing all sorts of different cases, from children with the more and the less usual ailments for their age, through adults in the prime of life to older people. I have had the opportunity to work with a wide range of disorders. 

Over time, my interest has been drawn towards supporting families with children with complex needs, including those facing autism and other developmental and behavioral disorders, and also Lyme disease. These areas usually share a common link to environmental stressors, toxicity, and compromised immune systems, often stemming from a dysfunctional gut. As a result, effective healing strategies in both fields involve supporting gut health, gentle detoxification, and fostering a balanced and resilient immune system.

I understand the challenges that conditions like ASD and Lyme disease pose, not just for those affected, but also for their families. By supporting them towards better health, it is very rewarding to witness a beautiful improvement in overall family harmony.


English, French and Polish


“Joanna is a very warm and calm person who makes you feel comfortable at the very first contact. She has a deep knowledge and passion for homeopathy. She helped my daughters where traditional medicine failed. The remedies she prescribed removed the symptoms almost immediately and with long lasting results. I very much appreciate her holistic approach to health and well being. She is our reference point for many health issues, because we strongly believe that she’ll take all necessary time and effort to help.”

“My son is on the autism spectrum, and we finally feel like something is shifting; it seems like the beginning of a breakthrough. My husband and I have become true warriors in our quest for help, and fortunately, our osteopath mentioned homeopathy. We found Joanna’s website and immediately felt she was the right person. She spares no effort to assist us and is incredibly kind, approachable, and willing to explain things, which is very reassuring. We’ve only just begun, but we can already see that our son is much calmer, less anxious and takes less time to fall asleep. We’ll stick with Joanna’s little granules for as long as it takes!”

“I reached out to Joanna when my son’s sleep troubles became unbearable at 18 months old. Despite trying various methods, including seeing a magnetism healer, nothing provided lasting relief. Joanna took a thorough look at my son’s health history, including the pregnancy, which was a new approach for me. Through a homeopathic detox course, within a few weeks, both Tom and I were able to sleep through the night again. She also encouraged me to use homeopathy at home, and my whole family benefits from it. We continue to see Joanna for more complicated situations, and I’m endlessly grateful to her!”

“Many things have shifted for me in the good direction since I have started homeopathy sessions with Joanna. My pains and energy levels are so much better and days when I even forget I have Lyme are more and more frequent. More importantly I connected dots between certain things in my life thanks to insightful exchanges with her and it feels like a weight is being lifted from my shoulders. As a result, my daughter is now interested in trying it out too!”

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