Jane Ray

Licensed Classical Homeopath

About Jane

Hi! I’m Jane, a London-based BSc trained Classical Homeopath with over 10 years experience in helping people achieve better health through Homeopathy.

I have a special interest in digestive issues, allergies, anxiety & ADHD.

I’ve been registered with the Society of homeopaths since 2010 & am bound by their code of ethics. I use my knowledge of classical homeopathic philosophy with modern practical methodologies to ensure treatment is tailored to the individual need. I’ve helped people on their healing journeys over the years with a broad range of issues.
As homeopathy treats the person rather than the disease itself it has a remarkable ability to rebalance & stimulate the body’s own healing force which in itself can resolve multiple health issues.

I now work with individuals world-wide via Zoom, Whatsapp video or Facetime.

My own Homeopathic journey started over 27 years ago when my then newborn daughter was suffering with severe colic, skin issues, and teething pains. Following a visit to a friend’s homeopath & witnessing the rapid improvement after one homeopathic consultation, I decided to seek help for my own eczema, asthma, and allergies that I had suffered with since childhood. Within a few weeks my skin was so much better & as I continued treatment over the coming months my allergies & asthma symptoms also dramatically reduced, within the year I was practically symptom-free and remain so today. This personal experience of such an effective healing process combined with realisations about the side effects & limitations of conventional medicine, especially for babies & young children, all fueled my passion to learn more about Homeopathy. It soon became our first line treatment for the whole family, including our pets.

I was fascinated by the combination of art & science & when my children were older I enrolled on a 3 year full time BSc course at the Centre of Homeopathic Education in London which I loved every minute of & where I had the privilege to study under some of the world’s most renowned homeopaths.

After graduating I worked in the dispensary at Ainsworths Homeopathic pharmacy in central London for almost 3 years where I gained so much valuable experience working with brilliant homeopaths & pharmacists helping people with all sorts of acute & chronic conditions.
I also completed a long term post grad course on the use of new remedies & continue to deepen my knowledge with various specialist CPD courses through CHE Pro & supervision.

Aside from my healing work, I love spending time with my family & thoroughly enjoy walks in nature, gardening, qi gong & yoga which I have practiced for over 30yrs. As a Cancerian I’m always happiest being by the sea & love a good novel to go with it, especially detective stories which probably explains my passion for finding the culprit in dis-ease.

My mission is to help people transform their health by finding the root cause of dis-ease not only relieving symptoms, whilst improving energy & general wellbeing to enable people to live their lives to the fullest.

If you are seeking a compassionate, empathic and experienced Homeopath to help you overcome your health challenges, I am here to guide & support you every step of the way.

I know how important it is to find the right person to work with, if you’d like to find out how I work & if homeopathy can help you please book a free discovery chat with me.

Special Interest

I have a special interest in digestive issues, allergies, anxiety & ADHD.


“I saw Jane for treatment of my eczema and allergies, including hay-fever, having suffered with these from childhood for well over 25 years.  As an adult this was a source of constant distress with eczema patches across about 60% of my skin including my face – not ideal for client meetings and just general well-being. I had been given steroid creams for years from my GP but these were not really helping since as soon as I stopped using these the eczema returned & my skin became more dry & irritated.  Over a period of months working with Jane and taking various remedies she prescribed, my skin quickly felt calmer, less irritated and more supple, and now I am eczema-free!  As well as this my allergies are also much better! Thank you Jane!”

Alex – London

“I started seeing Jane at a very difficult point in my life. I had suffered a few panic attacks and as a result my whole system had collapsed, leaving me in a very weak state with physical as well as emotional issues. I had developed warts & my digestive system was also in a bad way.

After seeing Jane, I haven’t had another panic attack & within a couple of months I was feeling more positive generally plus my digestion was much improved, also amazingly the warts had disappeared! Now several months later, I can happily say that pretty much all of my symptoms have gone and I am not only feeling physically better but also emotionally more balanced and confident. Jane is a great listener & is also always quick to answer emails or texts if there is an acute problem, which is great!”

Jo B. – London

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