Hiroko Yokosawa

Qualified Professional Homeopath

About Hiroko

Hi, my name is Hiroko Yokosawa. I qualified as a professional homeopath and a fully registered and insured member of The Society of Homeopaths.

I was born and grew up in Japan and qualified as a pharmacist in 1995. At work, I was often asked the same question. ‘How long must I take medications to get better?’ Over time, this led me to investigate alternative practices and solutions for health, healing and well-being.  

Someone then told me about Homeopathy. “Homeopathy attends to the original cause of disease and promotes and enables healing”.
That’s fascinating! I quit my job, packed everything up and moved to London in 2007.

This is the beginning of my homeopathic journey.

When I moved to London, I also started to see a homeopath, because the acne on my face had been bothering me since my teenage. People recommended many options for acne, but the spots had never healed. After some sessions with a homeopath, the acne on my face all disappeared.

After my personal experience with the gentle but powerful healing effects of homeopathic remedies, I commerced my homeopathic training in 2010 at the Centre for Homeopathic Education.

Homeopathy opened my mind completely to a natural approach to health. I keep attending various seminars and reading books about new ways of homeopathic approaches and their relationship with the physical, emotional, mind, and spiritual body, which, in turn, benefits my clients.

Since being a young child in Japan, I have been drawn to the creative artistry involved in making jewellery using crystals. I have an online store where I sell my creations. I love the gentle and natural energy of working with crystals and so it was a natural progression to work with the wonderful energy of the Findhorn Flower Essences and the Jikiden Reiki. Learning about the human energy body is my big interest.

I met my wonderful South African husband in London and we married in 2012. My husband is interested in natural therapy and health, too. He is very intuitive and some of his customers call him “a spiritual plumber”. He is the biggest supporter of what I do.

I have two step-children who are also very spiritual.

I adore to hear Mythical histories. My husband and I love visiting crop circles, stone circles, and megaliths in the UK. Sometimes, we join the metal-detecting group and visit farms to search for historical nostalgia.

I love travelling and exploring different countries.

When I am not working as a busy homeopath, I enjoy making jewellery, doing metal-detecting and travelling to mythical and magical places.

Special Interest

Acne, Eczema and Gut Health



Other qualifications

Flower Essences, Jikiden Reiki


“I’ve been using Hiroko’s services and expertise for over 10 years now for different concerns I’ve had such as water retention, hayfever and hot flushes. I highly recommend Hiroko and trust her professional expertise.”

“I am so happy with the way Hiroko handled my son and daughter’s case. She managed to prescribe remedies which helped them to get better. I saw a real improvement in their physical and emotional state. 
Thank you so much for helping us!”

“Hiroko is knowledgeable, helpful, professional and caring. She is a great listener and provides a compassionate atmosphere. She has helped me so much during my difficult time. I received the help I needed. I am immensely grateful for her because, without her, there is no way I would have made it with conventional medicine.”

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