Glenis Paulette

Experienced Classical Homeopath

About Glenis

Every day I am grateful for Homeopathy. I thank it for the health and happiness it has brought for me and my family, and for the wonderful colleagues and clients from whom I have learned so much, and with whom I have shared such an innovative world view.

My first degree was in psychology and although the human psyche has always fascinated me, I found that this was not a path I wanted to pursue. I started my homeopathic journey in Australia in 1980 when I was studying acupuncture. I soon fell in love with Homeopathy and started a 2 year diploma course. I also joined a group called the Homeopathic Education and Research Association, who studied with a homeopathic doctor from India, Dr Dilip Dixit. I was privileged to join in with him on several intensive seminars he ran in Australia, and I also went twice to India to receive mentorship in his busy clinic. I have worked a lot with pregnant women and young children over the years, incorporating Childbirth Education into my practice. Because I loved working with pregnant women and babies I decided to study Midwifery, graduating in 1999. Since then I have enjoyed integrating homeopathy with my midwifery practice, which has been focused on facilitating home and natural births (mostly in London, and more recently back in my home country of New Zealand). I am also a certified lactation consultant and have found homeopathy invaluable for treating breast-feeding challenges. I have enjoyed working as a mentor and teacher with the Ghana Homeopathic Project, both on visits to Ghana and on-line.

My husband and I live on a beautiful “lifestyle block” in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, with our 3 cats and 2 goats. In my free time I enjoy organic gardening, yoga and crafting.

Special Interest

As a Homeopath, I have a special interest in pregnancy, birth and young babies. My other area of special interest is in developmental delays, ASD and PANDAS.

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