Erica Langston

Licensed Classical Homeopath

About Erica

Hello there! I came to homeopathy through searching for something to help my son who had a variety of health conditions that “medicine” did not have any answers for. Fortunately, I had already had some very positive outcomes with homeopathy and I knew if there was an answer for him homeopathy would have it.

Homeopathy had previously reversed my gestational diabetes, and made my seasonal allergies disappear. I knew all of these were medically unexplainable, but had happened nonetheless – because of homeopathy. After years of homeopathic treatment, my son is fully recovered and lives a normal life, something “medicine” said would never happen.

Soon after this experience I enrolled at the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine and I began my own career as a homeopath. Beyond my training as a Classical Homeopath, I have additional training in Nutrition, Homeoprophylaxis, Homeopathic Detox, Gemmotherapy, and Skin Care (as a qualified Medical Aesthetician).

I have a growing practice where I treat all things from eczema to autism and PANS. I have a huge interest in the human body, how it functions, how it maintains health and overcomes dis-ease on all levels. Prior to homeopathy I worked in medicine and I realized how out of touch medicine was with the body and how it functions. Watching the body heal with the catalyst of homeopathy has been one of the greatest fulfillments of my life.

I am married, I am a homeschooling mother of 2 boys, I live in the sunny hustle and bustle of Southern California, I have a fully online clinic where I see my clients from all over the world, and I love all things homeopathy and natural health related.

From a very young age I have had a natural inclination for nature study. I love identifying all the fauna and flora on hikes and nature walks. When not homeschooling or seeing clients I am usually reading a book of some sort and you will find me spending time at the beach or in the mountains, usually in their off-seasons away from the hustle and bustle.

Special Interest

In my practice I treat a lot of Autism, PANS and eczema. Alongside constitutionall Homeopathic prescribing, the part I really enjoy is homeopathic detox. Detoxing from toxic substances, detoxing from damaging medications – past or present, detoxing from where our bodies are stuck – physically, mentally, emotionally.

The importance of detox is dismissed in medicine, but did you know our bodies have built in detox mechanisms and pathways? If detox was not important, why is the body made this way? I believe it is because it IS important. We live in an increasingly toxic world and I believe detox is essential for health and healing.

Homeopathy helps to liberate the body from toxins gently and effectively, beyond the physical level. Individuals on traditional detox programs that have plateaued or are just inching along ever so slowly, may be stuck at a certain point, and once homeopathy is introduced they are able to move through to a new level of healing. It is a beautiful thing. They find relief and gain a new level of clarity.


“I had Covid right after the lock down started and I was able to treat myself at home, but I never felt right after. Like I never fully recovered. Erica was able to prescribe a remedy to get me back to normal. I feel like myself again.”


“His fears and anxiety are really calming down. He is able to actually function now. His obsessive thoughts and hand washing are almost completely resolved. He is doing really well. His gluten sensitivity is also almost completely gone as well. Now when he has an exposure it is no longer an issue like it was before.”


“Our son has been contending with many health issues for a very long time. The most recent was exposure to mold, which triggered manic mood swings, ritualistic behaviors, and night accidents. Erica helped us figure out what remedy would help him get to his center. I’m so pleased to share that his system is healing and he is a much happier child.”


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