Elena Gerasimova

Professional Homeopath

About Elena

Once upon a time I was a young, naive girl who strived to do something different to my family. I chose to study business and finance at university and embarked on a career in the banking industry.

It was soul-less. I was on a hamster wheel, constantly on the run. I was adrenaline-fuelled and cortisol flooded my system.

But 19 years ago, I attended some yoga lessons and began to listen to my inner knowing. I started to be in tune with myself and really connect.

Practising daily sun salutations and learning about yoga allowed me to express myself and my true nature, letting my deepest desires come to the surface.

I got off the hamster wheel and shook off the corporate world, stepping into a new frontier: alternative medicine.

Deep down this work has always been calling me.

During my time studying and working in holistic health, I had been practicing acupuncture and herbal medicine for a while when I first learned about the powerful healing potential of homeopathy.
It was love at first sight, and I began studying homeopathy professionally. I was amazed how beautifully Chinese medicine philosophy and homeopathic philosophy complement one another.
My knowledge of Chinese medicine theory and diagnostic techniques often guides me to the right choice of homeopathic remedy.

I am a passionate homeopath and I am happy I can offer my extensive expertise to my patient to improve their wellbeing.

Over the last 15-20 years I’ve earned numerous qualifications including Practitioner Advanced Diploma in Homeopathy (UK School of Homeopathy), Bachelor’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Post-graduate diploma in Oriental Herbal Medicine , Diploma in Toyohari (pain free Japanese acupuncture) and many other specialised study programmes. I carried on with my education in UK, China and Japan.

I continually develop my skills in homeopathy and enhance my knowledge in Eastern medicine. Once you get to know me, you’ll realise I am always in learning mode!


Initially, many years ago, I came to Elena to address exhaustion I had due to long work hours and sleep disorder. After around 6 sessions I started to sleep better, I had more energy, I could accomplish more. Elena knows how body works in great depth. Her many trainings and years of practical experience enable her to identify the root cause for misalignment and work on it. I have since come to recommend Elena’s healing practices my family and friends for many issues that weren’t easily addressed by conventional medicine

Iryna V, London

Elena has changed my approach to life drastically, helping me to live a more fulfilling and healthy life.

I suffered for many years with insomnia and high levels of stress, but thanks to Elena, her ongoing support over the last years, I got to a stage where both insomnia and stress became rather insignificant. I would recommend anybody facing any mental stress issues to visit Elena, as it could be a brutally life-changing experience.

Frederik E, London

Elena’s empathic, gentle, caring and “no nonsense” approach supplemented by deep knowledge of science and practical experience is what makes her my go to practitioner. I am a health and wellness junkie, an advocate of natural healing – the philosophy that lies in the heart of Elena’s methods. She combines what really works from Western and Eastern practices. Her sessions give a true re-set for my body and soul. She is not just an acupuncturist and herbalist, she is a healer.

Anna P, London

Every time, when I don’t feel right, I run to Elena. And every time, somehow, she manage to fix me with her magical tools and healing energy. Blood pressure, digestion, throat infection were disappearing from my life very quickly. Also, ask her for some miracle pillules before you travel, then you don’t have to worry about catching a virus or minimise jet lag symptoms.

Inna Ch, Italy

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