Elaine Timmer

Licensed Homeopath

About Elaine

My name is Elaine and I am a fully Qualified Homeopath registered with the Australian Register of Homoeopaths (AROH) and a member of the Australian Homoeopathic Association (AHA). I began Naturopathic Studies at Nature Care College in Sydney in 2007. I qualified with an Advanced Diploma in Homoeopathy in 2010 and have been practising ever since. I have experience helping others with anxiety, depression, grief, menstrual pain, digestive issues, stress, chronic fatigue, respiratory conditions, behavioural issues and general children’s health.

I work as a holistic health practitioner supporting the whole family. I love talking about plants & food, and homoeopathic medicines derived from natural sources. During a consult with me, you describe everything you are experiencing including physical, mental & emotional symptoms. I investigate which homoeopathic remedy would be best suited to your individual symptoms and additionally suggest other nutritional or dietary changes if required. Once you have started taking your prescribed remedies we will follow up after a period of time to check in on how you are doing.  I am now excited to be offering global online consults through Homeopathy 24/7. I also work at a local Health Food Shop and at a Homeopathic Clinic. I enjoy the opportunity to meet new people and provide tailor made health solutions.

I have a previous career as a textile designer for fashion and was looking for a more balanced lifestyle. I was introduced to the world of Homeopathy during my Naturopathic studies and I saw a Homoeopath who helped me with period pain and anxiety, to the extent that of all my symptoms disappeared. I soon discovered Homoeopathy had incredible healing potential and that remedies stimulate your vital force to bring yourself back into balance, whilst neutralising symptoms. I realised that life could have more energy and I am now passionate about helping others to live their most vibrant life. I use homeopathy everyday to support my family and love educating others on how to use remedies in the home. I am forever thankful to Homeopathy for supporting the birth of my own child, who came into this world with health conditions as a premature baby. I am grateful everyday to support his growth and development throughout life and to help us tired out exhausted parents too! I only wish the same for other families to experience this in their lives.

I’m currently living in Sydney, Australia. I am a very friendly open-minded person who loves to meet others from diverse backgrounds. I love connecting with people, sharing stories, and giving advice. I am a big food lover and feel most at home cooking up something delicious. I love sharing food with people, and believe that food is love and nourishment. I also love watercolour painting and illustration, it is very relaxing and I enjoy watching the paint flow. I was a textile design graduate of Glasgow Art School 2001 and I love a creative project. One day I would like to make a children’s book. I relax by indulging in chocolate, watching Netflix, doing Yoga or Pilates, dancing, reading a good book, walking by the beach or in the forest. I feel at peace being surrounded by trees in the fresh mountain air. I love hanging out with my family, being silly, playing games, having a picnic or going to a café.

Personal Likes

Chocolate, Cooking and Creativity.

Special Interest

I welcome adults, children and all the family with a variety of health issues. I have special interest in Anxiety and Menstrual problems.


I am English speaking but can understand some Swedish language as I lived there for 10 years.

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