Ekta Kaur Ross

Licensed Homeopath

About Ekta Kaur

Hello. My name is Indpreet Ekta Kaur Ross, known as Ekta. I qualified as a professional Classical Homeopath in 2003 in the UK. I am registered with the ARH and bound by a code of ethics. I live in Burnham village, Buckinghamshire which is near Windsor, Maidenhead and Slough. My clinic is Complementary Remedies Limited (find me on Facebook), and I work online nationally, internationally, and face-to-face locally. I have been practicing Homeopathy for 20+ years and have experience in treating a broad range of health conditions.

Let’s face it – Life is Hard ! There are so many things thrown our way and how do we cope? I have learnt over the many years of practicing Homeopathy, this is that perfect science that brings together all that we feel emotionally, mentally and physically. Homeopathy treats you as an individual because you are an individual.

I attempt responsibility for 2 children, 2 dogs and 2 tortoises. I am still trying to convince my husband to add in some cats. I am an additional grandmother to 5 grandchildren so far. We enjoy our extended clan on both sides. Family is a priority and important to me. It does get busy!

I was born and bred in Tanzania and the 3rd generation of Indian roots living in Tanzania. I came to the UK for further education, married an Englishman and have lived in the UK since 1985. I believe I am what you call, a true global citizen.

I have spent most of my adult life volunteering in some role, as a leader or manager or a volunteer on the ground. Currently, I am a volunteer with HomeStart supporting vulnerable women and a Councillor in my local area being Chairman of the Recreations and Amenities Committee. I have set myself a goal to make our local area, circa population of 14,000, accessible to all members of the community with accessible play equipment in every park and accessibility consideration taken for all decisions made. Volunteering is an essential part to my working week.

In my past, I completed an engineering bachelor’s and master’s degree and then worked as an aircraft engineer for 15 years with British Airways. Along the way, I did teacher training and completed a PGCE in teaching Science and Physics. I am intrigued, confused and fascinated by quantum physics. In recent times, mainstream scientists are recognising the benefits of what they call Energy Medicine; this is a brilliant step forward. We know it works. Soon they will get it. I am also interested in photo-biomodulation and in my face-to-face homeopathic appointments I offer red light therapy to my patients. Do ask me about this.

I love Homeopathy and I love Quantum Physics. I have tasked myself to write a layman’s paper on explaining the principles of homeopathy in terms of quantum physics, without the maths!

I encourage everyone, use Homeopathy as your first line of defence. At the end of the day, we want to improve our quality of life. I am realistic and will discuss frankly what is possible in what time frame. Even today, after practicing homeopathy for more than 20 years, the results of homeopathic treatment still amaze me. But there are times when it may not suit your needs and you can rely on me to discuss your case with efficiency and integrity.

Try it! At least the once.

Special Interest

I have a special interest for ENT Health (Ear Nose Throat), Female Health and the Menopause.

Homeopathy for Dogs and other Animals.



Ekta has made my Menopause bearable. I felt like I was going to lose my job. I had so many things going wrong with me. I was amazed to feel a difference after 2 weeks of taking her medicine.



My wife made an appointment with Ekta because I had a lot of chest infections which never cleared completely despite taking antibiotics. I was reluctant to go at first and after one month, I felt like a weight had been lifted off my chest. The most interesting that happened was that my long-term back ache also reduced. I still do not know how that happened but its working and Ekta is now in my contact list.

John, UK


I have had arthritis for many years and I started getting some side effects of all my pills. When I saw Ekta, she made me feel so welcome. She is kind and considerate and she never makes you feel pressured in any way. My friend who also has arthritis gave me her number. Since I started Ekta’s homeopathic medicines, after 2 months I started going for walks and I can bend down. The best part is that I feel like doing more. I still take my normal medicines but the GP has reduced my dose. With Ekta’s medicines maybe one day I can stop them completely.

Gita, UK


My menstrual bleeding used to get so much that I have been to A&E twice because of the excessive blood loss. Since I started Ekta’s medicines, it has been 1 year and I have a period like other women. I am so grateful and I don’t have to take regular medication. My 2 girls will go to her, I have told all my nieces, cousins and aunties to go to Ekta she will help you.

Jaz, UK


I thought it was a strange thing to say when Ekta said embrace your menopause. My symptoms were textbook menopause stuff. Ekta’s medicine has helped me a lot and now i get it. The menopause doesn’t have to be a bad time, I am feeling good in myself.



I like going to see Ekta. She has a friendly face and easy to talk to. I have asthma. I used to use my 2 inhalers a lot. When I use her medicine I don’t have to use my inhaler. I like her medicine more because sometimes the inhaler would make my mouth tingle. Her medicine makes me feel like I am normal. I do lots of sports now in the cold and in the rain and I don’t worry about it anymore.

Charlie 14 years, UK


Ekta has been fantastic helping me with remedies to improve my sleep. She took time to fully understand my medical issues and lifestyle so that she could help me. I now sleep much better as a result and I can’t thank her enough.

Hannah, UK


Ekta has been brilliant helping my teenage children with ice hockey injuries. She has prescribed a number of different tablets to help them overcome injuries and speed up their recovery from various injuries getting them back on the ice quickly. Ekta has been invaluable in helping us.

A. & J., UK


I play ice hockey and every few weeks I contact Ekta for my latest injury. Some of my injuries have been very painful. I have tried with and without and I know I recover a lot quicker if I take Ekta’s medicines.

Adult Male, UK

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