Dr. Renata Hines

An Experienced Classical Homeopath

About Dr. Renata

I was born in south of Brazil and grew up in a farming family. We were raised to work alongside nature, to be as down to earth as possible and to shy away from the frivolous commodities modern society offer us. With this upbringing we also learned to self-sufficient and to be independent.

I am married and a mother to a seventeen year old daughter and a twenty-one year old son. I live in Shefford, Bedfordshire, UK. I am a Doctor in Dentistry and Stomatology (oral medicine) and Pharmacology.

My introduction to Homeopathy occurred when I was nineteen years old and in university studying for a Dentistry degree. Since a young age I suffered from recurrent sore throat and chronic tonsillitis. My parents tried everything, even importing medication from Germany. Eventually a friend of my mother suggested I saw a homeopath. The small white pills helped me enormously and made me so curious!

I enrolled at the London College of Classical Homeopathy. This college later went to pioneer the way to students of homeopathy could gain a BSc in Homeopathy through the University of Westminster.

I started practicing homeopathy in 1999. My teachers, amongst others, were Tony Hurley, Mike Andrews, Bill Rumble, Jerome Whitney, Annie Santo and Sheilagh Creasy whose experience in homeopathy spanned over 50 years.

I carried on with my professional development with the late Sheilagh Creasy until 2018. My further CPD studies have been with Erik Van Woensel, Hillary Dorrian, Dr Robin Murphy and Dr Andre Saine among others.

We have always been an “outdoorsy” family and when the kids were younger, we used to go on rural holidays in Scotland where we would visit nature reserves, go on low level hikes etc.

I love going for walks in nature and until very recently I used to go with my husband to the higher hills in northern England and even the mountains of Scotland.

When I am not working or cooking you can find me with our two dogs walking somewhere where there is peace, birds, trees, and a river. I love playing the piano which I started learning a while ago. For me playing the piano is very relaxing almost like a meditation.

Special Interest

I have a special interest in thyroid autoimmune conditions, children’s complaints and detoxing.


“Renata is a very thorough, caring homeopath. We moved to Henlow last year just finding out that our then 12 year old son had tree allergies on top of an asthma diagnosis, and other animal allergies ( many emergency hospital admissions through September/ winter typically). Our son , is getting a simple cold would tip over into asthma then hospital. Since being treated Alex has not experienced to date ( 4 months ) any asthma or allergic reactions. I am a clinician working in the health system so I wouldn’t take any treatment modality lightly. I was 100 % sure that Renata would help us and she did. Not only that she was always available for a follow up or a supporting word when going through the process of clearing. Really really grateful we found you. Thank you Renata ♥ “

Mrs L N

“Within a week from starting the homeopathic treatment for my thyroid condition and I started experiencing some major changes. I can’t believe what I am observing.”

Ms N G

“Renata has helped my daughter tremendously after suffering from reoccurring ear infections and eczema for years. Conventional medicine has failed to identify the root cause of her health issues as well as in treating them. After losing my belief in the doctors, I have decided to try homeopathy. It was the best decision I have ever made and my daughter has been healthier and happier since. Thank you Renata.”

Mrs Z B

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