Dr. Olena Earle, Dip IACH

Medically Trained Professional Homeopath

About Olena

I was born and grew up in Ukraine, received my medical degree in 1st Moscow Medical University, Russia in 1992 and had practiced medicine as an endocrinologist for about 20 years in Ukraine dealing with lots of patients who were suffering the consequences of Chernobyl accident. Although I was trained in mainstream medicine, my work in a specialized hospital increasingly led me to find remedies for patients whose symptoms fell outside the boundaries of conventional medicine.

When I first found homeopathy, I was a little sceptical, but one significant event changed my mind and thanks to homeopathy, my life changed completely. After the couple weeks of unsuccessful treatment using mainstream medicines, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs, I was given 3 homeopathic pills and it changed my situation within 5 minutes. I was able to begin the process of recovery from severe infection.

My journey to homeopathy started in 2003 when I’ve made a decision to learn this beautiful science. I count myself fortunate to have studied with Tatiana Popova, the undisputed star of the Kyiv School of Homeopathy and later, with the legendary professor George Vithoulkas at the International School of Classical Homeopathy, Greece. I continued my professional development by absorbing the experience of world leading homeopaths such as Dr Pareek (India), Dr Gheorghe Jurj (Romania), Andre Pellegrini (France), Dr Erik Van Woensel (Belgium), Dr Joe Rozencwajg (New Zealand) and many more and I am immensely grateful to all my talented teachers.

Homeopathy taught me never to give up, and it has never ceased to amaze me how, when mainstream medicine has nothing left to offer, homeopathy has so often proved to be a game-changer for my patients.

Homeopathy is powerful tool for the treatment of many diseases, but it is not a panacea which is why I have often taken an integrative approach combining conventional and alternative therapies, especially dealing with diabetes and obesity, where nutrition is a key element of any treatment programme.

I don’t have wild claims about miracle cures (although I have seen several that have even surprised me), but I promise you my attention, my best endeavours and my determination. The rest is up to you.

Special Interest

My primary specialisation is diseases of endocrine system, with thyroid issues such as diabetes and hormone imbalance.

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