Dr. Anthony De Pontes

Professional Licensed Homeopath and Functional Medicine Practitioner

About Dr. Anthony

My entire life – since a youth – has been about health and healing. My family and I live in a rural town just outside the world-renowned Kruger National Park. We are blessed with an outdoor climate and lead an active outdoor lifestyle. I grow my own vegetables and use Agri-homeopathy to promote nutrition and insect free vegetables. I received my master’s degree in Homeopathy from the Durban University of Technology and have been in practice for more than 25 years. I run an integrative medical centre in Nelspruit, South Africa where I treat acute and chronic cases, using state of the art modalities with homeopathy being the core.

I believe that any good medical practitioner never stops learning, so I continued my studies through the years qualifying as a Functional Medicine Practitioner. I constantly seek out smaller courses which feed my soul and mind and believe I will continually keep learning new ways to best treat my patients. Besides just using the modalities of Homeopathy, Functional and Chinese Medicine, I educate the patient and get them to understand why they have the condition they are suffering with and then, together with the patient, we plot the pathway to enable them to heal, restore their health and gain control of their wellbeing.

I oversee a local homeopathic outreach clinic in an impoverished rural community where homeopathy is very successful.

Homeopathy247 has provided me with a platform to reach thousands – Online consulting is the way of the future. I incorporate Iridology, Chinese tongue diagnosis and Functional Medicine while using homeopathic treatment. This allows me to see what tissue changes are occurring in your body, even when you are a thousand miles away.

Special Interest

A true homeopath does not specialise in any condition as they treat the body as a whole, but if I would share which conditions I have tremendous success with, it would definitely include autoimmune conditions (Vitiligo, Hashimoto’s, Graves’, Sjogren’s Syndrome etc), cancer, anxiety and stress. Finding the root cause of illness is paramount in my treating of patients. I truly believe that trauma plays an enormous role in chronic disease and have often found that healing begins when that is dealt with.



“I went to Dr de Pontes four years ago, I was extremely anxious, depressed and was close to a nervous breakdown. I had tried everything and was at my wits end. After sticking strictly to the treatment reigeme I became the anxious free, strong woman I am today. I lost 22kg without even trying.

Dr de Pontes always gives his undivided attention to me making sure he gets to the root of my problems and illness. Most of our illness comes from our emotional state, this is where Dr de Pontes is an absolute expert in his trade, he helps you dig deep and to find the origin of your emotional imbalance which triggers our physical illness. Dr de Pontes is an excellent homeopath. He has extremely modern technologies which he uses to make sure you get proper treatment and diagnosis.

Meeting him has changed my life, my perception and my ability to believe in myself again. Our bodies have the ability to heal themselves with the correct guidance of natural remedies such as homeopathy and acupuncture. Our bodies and systems were created with a beautiful, super intelligence to be able to heal themselves.

If you are serious about your health, get in touch with this amazing doctor. Remember, health is the new wealth.”

J. Landesberg


“Being 46 years old, has come with a surprise or two. One of which, was a subtle change in my hormones which has begun to creep up on me. I did not realise that my moods, sleeping habits, sex drive and memory were a result of hormone change. I put the changes down to stress at work. I decided to go visit Dr de Pontes after these symptoms got worse. Shockingly, I found out that I was perimenopausal and I was treated homeopathically. Within a week I found that I was able to function better. My sleep patterns improved, energy levels changed and sex drive improved. I felt I was able to speak about how I felt more easily and handle difficult situations in a calmer manner.

I felt understood and found that Dr de Pontes took his time in getting to the root of the problem. I feel like a have a new lease on life and know who to trust in future with any ailments that may pop up!”



I had a stomach problem for over 3 and a half months. Prior to coming to Dr Anthony De Pontes, I was prescribed Antibiotics and told eventually that I would have to swallow the camera to see what the problem was. This was costly as well as being in COVID time, decided against it and decided to consult with Dr De Pontes.

I was given medication all natural and within two weeks managed to get it under control with his knowledge and experience he saw the issue and was fantastic at getting to the root of the problem I highly recommend him as a Homeopathic Practitioner


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