Cindy Johnson

Certified Classical and Clinical Homeopath

About Cindy

Hello, I am Cindy! I am dual certified in classical and clinical homeopathy. I have been honored to personally study with some of the giants in homeopathy. I earned my certification in classical homeopathy from the Caduceus Institute of Classical Homeopathy where I received an incredible education and participated in over fifty live clinics while being personally mentored by Willa Keizer. I next earned my certification in clinical homeopathy at Lotus Health Institute where I furthered my homeopathic education under the direct mentorship of Dr. Robin Murphy and Dr. Jude Toscano. Combined I have over 1,500 hours of homeopathic training and three years of professional experience. In addition to the above mentioned, I have also studied under Dr. Andre Saine, Karen Allen, Hart Matthews, and many others. I respect the classical principles of homeopathy and generally recommend one remedy at a time, in the lowest potency necessary, and only as frequently as necessary. I have witnessed wonderful successes using this method. I believe this approach gives the body time to strengthen and re-balance on its timetable.

I am happily married and have been blessed with the honor and joy of raising our four children. I have a Masters degree in child and family studies, to include child development and psychology. I decided early on I would home educate our children. When I was a young mom, I spent many years volunteering as a La Leche League leader helping and encouraging moms in the art of breastfeeding their babies. To date, I have graduated two of my children and have two more to go. My two older children are in college, one in graduate school and the other in her third year of college. My two younger children will be in 9th and 12th grade this year. I have many homeopathy clients who appreciate that I can understand and relate to the lifestyle of the homeschooling family. I thoroughly enjoy encouraging moms as they nurture and guide their families whether they homeschool or not. I feel that my personal experiences, education, and various clinical trainings all align beautifully to be able to encourage and support families right where they are.

I tend to stay busy and I am passionate about helping others. This shows up in my hobbies and interests too. I love working with my hands and I sew and smock gowns for the preemie babies at our local NICU. I also enjoy crocheting and knitting and often make hats for various homeless shelters in my community. I have taught sewing, smocking, rubber stamping, crocheting, and knitting classes over the years. I am always looking for a pocket of time each day to pause and nurture my soul by spending a few minutes creating something, and I encourage others to do the same.

Although I used remedies for years, I say homeopathy truly found me when my youngest child was a few years old and had terrible dry, cracked, and bleeding skin on his hands. It had persisted for a few years and nothing seemed to resolve it. I enlisted the help of a local homeopath and after one dose of a remedy, he woke the next morning with fresh, brand new skin on his hands. It was nothing short of a miracle and I was forever changed, as was he. Since then I cannot imagine raising my children without the gift of homeopathy. That experience prompted my return to school to learn this beautiful art and science. My desire is to help empower parents to see that they too have options. I want them to feel the hope and the encouragement that is the blessing of homeopathy.

Special Interest

Children’s concerns


“Cindy is kind, patient, and wonderful to work with. She is a great listener, attentive to details, and provides a compassionate atmosphere. She has helped me so much with my anxiety and digestion issues. She is a joy to work with. I would highly recommend.”

S.T. from Wyoming

“Cindy came highly recommended to me. She has been able to help my houseful of children with a variety of issues, and we are very grateful.”

J.B. from Mississippi

“Cindy was able to help reduce my daughter’s general anxiety and bed wetting. She was a pleasure to work with and zeroed right in on the perfect remedy for her. Her issues were completely resolved within two months of care.”

I.M. from Florida

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