Caroline Masters

Classical Homeopath

About Caroline

I believe each person is unique and that in order to get well and stay that way, we need to be balanced. Homeopathy provides a gentle, holistic way to bring relief and lasting change.

Growing up in Scotland, I always had a love of Nature. My earliest memories are walking miles over hills and moorland with my father in all weathers. I have always loved plants and became interested in their medicinal uses as a teenager, but it was not until I had a miscarriage in my 30s that I discovered homeopathy. After only a few doses of my remedy, I felt better and conceived again very quickly. I forgot all about these magic pills until my daughter, aged 3, developed Molluscum, and I went back to the homeopath. Again, the remedies worked very quickly. I was intrigued by the holistic mind / body connection that homeopathy offers. My homeopath suggested I might study it, and I was soon hooked! And here I am 10 years on still practising this amazing form of natural medicine.

I studied Homeopathy at the Lakeland College in London. More recently, I completed a Post Graduate Homeobotanical course, which has been a fantastic addition to my homeopathic prescriptions. I regularly attend webinars and training seminars to keep my knowledge fresh and my CPD up to date.

I’m a classically trained musician; alongside my Homeopathy practice I teach piano and flute and enjoy accompanying other instrumentalists. My home life is busy, with my two children, my husband, a dog and a cat. I also have a love of astrology, and of travelling, discovering new places, their people and culture.

Special Interest

I have a special interest in treating gut health because so often it’s at the root cause of a person’s health problem or plays a significant role. Healing the gut can mean a multitude of symptoms are eradicated and full health can be restored. I am specifically interested in the gut/brain connection and how dysbiosis can massively affect a person’s state of mind, clearly illustrating the mind/body connection. Gut Health is such a big area with new discoveries being made all the time and I am continually learning while helping patients to feel better.

Homeopathy covers physical and mental health symptoms, so it can be a very useful tool to support a person’s recovery from their eating disorder. Treating a person constitutionally can also help them to resolve imbalances in many areas of their life – mentally as well as physically.


“Caroline was easy to talk to as she discussed the best treatments for my dry scalp. The homeopathic pills arrived the next day and within two weeks everything had cleared up! I wouldn’t hesitate to go to Caroline again for homeopathic treatment. Wonderful service AND results!”

Katie, London

“Caroline is non-judgemental and empathetic and very thorough with her consultations. She has helped me enormously.”

Simone, Hertfordshire

“After many years of ill health and visiting specialists who seemed to have no answers, I decided to try homeopathy as a last ditched attempt. Although sceptical at first, I am now feeling so much better. I am so grateful to Caroline for her support when I felt that nothing would bring me back to health. My whole family now use homeopathic treatments after seeing such a marked improvement in me.”

Louise, Buckinghamshire

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