Caroline Eaton

Licensed Classical Homeopath

About Caroline

Hi, I’m Caroline, a homeopath living in North Wales in the UK, in the foothills of the beautiful Snowdonia mountains – my happy place.

I have a background in biology and in teaching – but I’ve always been interested in a more holistic approach to living; alternative health and nutrition, self-sufficiency and my spiritual practice are all close to my heart.

I don’t watch TV; I’m naturally drawn to peace and quiet, reading by the fire, meditation and prayer. In my spare time, I can be found pottering in my veggie garden, cooking, and preserving my squirrel stores. I’m also gradually renovating my home on the chilly side of a Welsh hill.

The logical, scientist side of me loves the fact that Hahnemann – despite what the media would have us believe – built homeopathy on a firm scientific foundation. I just hope that mainstream science can catch up with us soon – hopefully the quantum physicists will get around to explaining just how homeopathy works!

Within my practice, I like to explore clients’ symptoms from all angles. I love combining my left-brain understanding of the human body with my right-brain view of natural healing.

I’m told by clients that I provide a calm, warm, reassuring space to be listened to unconditionally.

Homeopathy is a journey that leads towards not only better health, but also a more fulfilled life. I look forward to walking some of that journey with you.

Special Interest


I help people with diabetes to gradually take back control of their health. There are very few homeopaths that specialise in working in this area – and yet over fifty percent of the population are now believed to be either diabetic or prediabetic, with this number growing all the time.

Diabetes impacts on almost every system of the body. Add to this, the fact that it massively increases our risk of suffering from all the other top 4 chronic diseases – cardiovascular disease, cancer, stroke and Alzheimer’s – and you can see why blood sugar regulation is fundamental to restoring our overall health.

Being a lifestyle disease, there is much that we can do for ourselves to help our bodies flatten out our glucose spikes. Specialising in this area allows me to keep abreast of the latest findings and I can help direct you to sources I recommend, so that you can begin to take your health back into your own hands. However, it’s when combining lifestyle changes with individualised homeopathic care that the real magic happens.

Unfortunately, mainstream medicine is generally ‘one size fits all’ and does not address the root of the problem – which for type 2 diabetes is frequent glucose spikes that lead to insulin resistance. Instead, it relies primarily on increasing insulin levels, which in the long run only causes greater problems with insulin resistance – in much the same way as when we drink coffee we start to need more and more of it to get the same hit.

Homeopathy on the other hand, provides an individualised approach that works towards addressing the root cause of your diabetes. Remedies can help normalise your blood sugar levels, support your pancreas, liver and kidneys, help build greater resilience to stress (a major contributor to glucose spikes) and most importantly of all – address your underlying susceptibility to diabetes/ prediabetes.


“Caroline has a quiet encouraging manner and is easy to talk to. It feels very comforting to have her available on the journey through the medication.

The process of discussion and medication has felt very holistic to me, not only healing the back problem which in itself has been life changing, but also addressing other issues within my life and other less pressing physical ailments.

I would definitely recommend Homeopathy and in particular Caroline’s Practice.”

“From the first session I had with Caroline I felt comfortable and at ease talking to her.

At the time I was taking several prescription medications for my conditions which included arthritis and menopausal problems.

Since then I have been able to stop the prescription medication for all but one of my conditions (which we are currently working on) and I am virtually free of all of my pain and symptoms that my condition caused.

I would highly recommend Caroline to anyone and will be trusting my health to her in the future.”

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