Canteris Anne Hartley

Licensed Classical Homeopath

About Canteris

I am a Registered Classical Homeopath in practice for over 23 years with a special interest in treating children from babies to late teens.

I live on Vancouver Island, BC Canada.

Homeopathy has been an essential and transformational part of my life for over 30 years. In a time of need when no other treatments were helping my chronic health concerns, I discovered classical homeopathy. My health began to improve dramatically on such a deep level from the homeopathic treatment, not just physically, but emotionally as well, and thus my love and intrigue with homeopathy began so I decided to formally study and practice it.

I am a graduate of the Vancouver Homeopathic Academy (4yrs) and the Homeopathy Master Clinician Course (3 years). I continue to deepen my knowledge and skills as a homeopathic practitioner through seminars from leading international homeopaths. I am a Registered Classical Homeopath with the BC Association of Homeopaths and the Canadian Homeopathic Association. I regularly teach workshops and webinars on homeopathy and write articles for periodicals and magazines.

My excellent health and that of my daughters I owe to homeopathy. For the 27 years I have been studying and practicing homeopathy I am continually in awe of this wonderful healing system, I have seen many people’s lives and their health transformed in my practice through homeopathic treatment.

When I am not studying and practicing homeopathy I am spending time with my beautiful teenage daughter, in the outdoors hiking, going to the beach, swimming, sailing, bike riding and I am an avid gardener. I have also been an Iyengar yoga practitioner for over 27 years.

I see clients online via video consultation whether local, national or international.

Special Interest

Treating children from babies to late teens.

If you are interested in working with me, please book a free 15 minute chat straight into my calendar.


“I first came to Canteris when I was 9+ months pregnant and came down with shingles. I had never been to a homeopath before but I felt comfortable with the idea of homeopathic treatment during pregnancy so I decided to give it a try. As my acute illness ran its course, I sought Canteris’ help for my new problem of being overdue. We worked together for a day or two, and I went into labour shortly after leaving her office. Canteris also provided me with round-the-clock telephone consultation while I was in labour, and a kit of remedies to call-on, as required. I don’t remember the details of the homeopathic treatment I received during labour, but my midwives remarked that I improved following each treatment. Canteris has since helped my son with a range of issues such as colic, teething and digestive problems. Even more remarkable, she has helped my “highly strung” son to be more calm and comfortable. I am very grateful for Canteris’ help and for introducing me to homeopathy.”

Jennifer P, Gibsons, BC

“Canteris is an accomplished and respected homeopath in British Columbia. She is caring and empathetic and her passion for Homeopathy is evident through her commitment to her clients’ well-being. I and my young children have had positive results taking homeopathic remedies for complaints ranging from fears to acute sore throats. I would highly recommend Canteris to anyone seeking homeopathic treatment.”

Sonya W. Vancouver, BC

“I contacted Canteris after we moved from South Africa to BC, and everyone (including myself), were stressed out and out-of-kilter. During the consultation, I appreciated Canteris’ gentle yet penetrating questions, and I felt that I was in a safe place; free to talk about my physical and emotional state. The remedies prescribed for myself and my children were unknown to me (after a good decade or two of using homeopathy), but were spot on and made an immediate, substantial difference to each of us. I was impressed by Canteris’ ability to choose a suitable remedy, and once again blown away by the powerful effect of a very gentle medicine. I highly recommend it!”

Corli K. mother of four, Bowen Island, BC

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