Anna Bobcov

Classically-Trained Homeopath

About Anna

I am a classically-trained homeopath currently based in London, UK, treating patients from all corners of the globe via Zoom/Skype/FaceTime.

Having grown up in a family of engineers, and with a BSc degree to boot, I have always been sceptical of anything other than mainstream science and medicine. It had never crossed my mind to stop and think about what health really was and how to maintain it.

It took a real, personal crisis for me to look outside of the status quo. I tried alot of therapies and when nothing was helping, I decided I had nothing to lose and tried homeopathy. Lo and behold – it helped!

That was 10 years ago and I haven’t looked back. I qualified in 2017 and proceeded to convert some of my family members in the process, purely with results they obtained by (very reluctantly) using homeopathy.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s not magic. It takes time, sometimes a lot of time, to get to the right remedy or the right prescribing method. Once there, progress is undeniable.

I spend weeks every year improving and refining my skills, which translate into better outcomes for my patients.

When not concentrating on homeopathy, I love to travel and can be found on a beach somewhere like Cyprus, Thailand or Spain. There is nothing like a bit of sun and the sea to soothe my soul!

Special Interest

  • Hormonal issues (men and women), including acne, fertility, erectile dysfunction menstrual problems and thyroid dysfunction
  • Post-viral recovery (when you haven’t quite been yourself after a nasty viral infection you had weeks/months/years ago)

If you are interested in working with me, please book a free 15 minute chat straight into my calendar.


“I have just realised that, since starting to consult you in 2018, all three kids haven’t needed antibiotics! When all their friends are constantly battling some kind of infections, mine are alright.” (Regular Bronchial/Laryngeal Infections)

“After this last prescription, I have started to sleep through the night and the anxiety seems a lot better.” (PTSD Case)

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