Ann Lovatt

Classical Homeopath

About Ann

I was always fascinated by Homeopathy and after trying it during pregnancy, I was hooked! As a new mum I was supported and reassured by a wonderful, trusted homeopath through the ups and downs of childhood illnesses – and still am! I became so intrigued by its positive effects that I decided to study it. I went back to university in 2005 and did a BSc in Homeopathy whilst my babies were tiny and I was juggling performing as a professional violinist in London’s West End (Joseph, Evita and Love Never Dies) with family life. I was known as the musician who always had multiple medical books strewn out on the floor by my seat in the pit as I waited for a break in the music when I could read and read. There were many late nights…

I live in Hertfordshire with my husband and two children and through my homeopathy practise I have become more and more interested (and concerned about) young people’s mental health. Alongside supporting young people with homeopathy, I started a Mindful Music Practice within the City of London Sinfonia Orchestra and this became a new arm of my therapeutic life and an essential new area of exploration within that organisation. I have led countless workshops combining live music, mindfulness techniques and meditation. I love this area of my life and work. If there is anything I can do to ease the pressure on young people by giving them resources which enable them to learn more about their bodies and understand their mental health, then I am achieving my aims.

When I’m not working I love spending time walking my dog Meg in the beautiful Hertfordshire countryside around my home. I also have a gorgeous 16 yr old cat called Georgie. I love gardening and cooking and am also very interested in contemporary art and sculpture. If I’m performing or presenting workshops in cities across the world you will always find me in the nearest galleries feeding my soul.

I hope that by coming to see me for support you will learn that homeopathy is all about enabling you to find your way, with skilled support, towards optimum health. In my case as a practitioner, this means offering an opportunity for an in-depth personal interaction backed up by rigorous clinical knowledge and understanding. My aim is that you leave your consultation feeling confident that you have been heard and I want you to feel fully engaged in your planned homeopathic treatment which will be perfectly tailored to you as a unique individual. I welcome all ages, from all countries and really look forward to welcoming you to my international clinic. Consultations can be conducted via Zoom so you can reach me from anywhere in the world.

Special Interest

More about my areas of special interest: You might one of my special areas of interest quite unusual but they are both deeply rooted in the endocrine system. When our hormones are out of balance, our health can suffer drastically.

Dramatic progress can be made in cases of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome where the presence of cysts can lead to irregular menses, acne, infertility and weight gain. Longer term complications include blood fat abnormalities, heart disease and endometrial cancer. Homeopathy can play a significant role in regularising the menstrual cycle and in the resolution of cysts.

Road Rage! Did you know that 82% of drivers in the U.S. admit to having road rage or driving aggressively at least once in the past year? What is it about being in our cars that enables us to drop our social boundaries at the drop of a hat and what does it reveal about our levels of stress? In the US alone, in one year, (2021), some 47,000 road traffic fatalities occurred. This is the equivalent of one Boeing 747 crashing every three to four days…. Then there are the catalogue of life changing injuries and near misses. It intrigues me that we drive with so little regard for our lives and the lives of others. Only heart disease and cancer trump the number of road deaths and yet there is undoubtedly a common factor.

Studies suggest that high levels of cortisol from long term stress can increase blood pressure, blood sugar, blood vessel damage and lead to inflammation contributing to heart disease. We also know that chronic stress can speed up the spread of cancer throughout the body.

So, if you find yourself distracted, needing to vent your emotions, multi-tasking, attempting hands-on parenting, running late, making important phone calls, worrying, feeling anxious, unable to cope, shouting or cursing other road users (and cyclists) – whilst driving, or indeed, once the car is safely in the garage, I would like you to consider talking to me about the role homeopathy can play in managing your health.


Female patient, 26 weeks pregnant:  “I am utterly delighted that a colleague suggested I meet with Ann; I’d had a recurrent, horrible cough for about five years and was starting to feel really quite desperate. Unfortunately, conventional medicine had nothing to offer me, despite several visits to several doctors. Ann’s manner put me immediately at ease, and I found it incredibly easy to communicate with her. She was warm and encouraging, and had an extraordinary gift to ask very pertinent questions – I felt as though she understood what was going on straight away. A couple of days after starting the remedy Ann chose for me, my cough cleared up and has stayed away since. Words cannot express how relieved I am, and my husband is very thankful not to be kept awake every night by his spluttering wife!” I’d highly recommend Ann to anyone who needs a fresh and intelligent approach to an ongoing issue.”

 11-year-old boy suffering from severe cat allergy – lives in a family-owned cattery: “Just letting you know that my son is doing brilliantly on Nat Mur after prolonged allergic reaction of running nose and coughing. No symptoms [since] and full love with our cats, never been like that! He cuddles with them and hugs, not a slightest sign of anything. [Remedy] working so nicely for him, thank you very much Ann for your help, guidance and support!”

18 months old, has only slept 10 nights since birth. Mum recounts that her son has been suffering with reflux, severe colic, insomnia and painful teething. After receiving a series of constitutional homeopathic remedies here are her words: “My son is now a content, lively little boy and finally out of pain, He has slept through the last nine nights and is playful and happy in the day. He is off all remedies now. Can’t thank you enough for the help you’ve given us.”

Mum of University student struggling with anxiety & depression: “Ann has been amazing at helping my 20 year old son with his mental health. She really listened to him when he was very anxious and had lost perspective of so many things. The anxiety remedies she prescribed him also helped him to calm down. I can’t thank her enough for how kind she was to him and how quickly she responded to his need for help. I would highly recommend Ann.”

60yr old with Chronic Fatigue and stomach issues: “Since I took the Calc Carb I am feeling better, more like me, so thank you. I have more energy and ‘get up and go’. My tummy symptoms have calmed down. I had been feeling a bit ‘old’ and wasn’t going out much but I went swimming yesterday for the first time in ages.”

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