Ali Lomax

Classical Homeopath

About Ali

I have spent some years in New Zealand and visited many other countries. I love travel and embracing other cultures and climates, so I am loving working with my international practice. I love the outdoors, mountain biking and what nature brings to us everyday. I also love a bit of sewing, art and craft when I make time for it. I am married with two daughters, now in their twenties and a very much loved dog!

My journey with homeopathy began in my late teens/early twenties when I realised my lifelong allergies and asthma were not being dealt with enough through the conventional medical paths, and in fact other symptoms arose when long-term treatment had been prescribed…and noone could really understand it other than a homeopath! It has been a long, yet helpful holistic health journey, including, through my own experiences, the understanding of how the contraceptive pill and chemical hormone treatment can cause long-term havoc to many people’s hormonal systems, without a clear corrective path. It therefore made complete sense to me to embark on training as a homeopath back in 2009.

Homeopathy is amazing and I am passionate about letting people know about it and just how useful it can be, from everyday needs to more persistent and chronic health pictures.

My original career was in Nursery Nursing with children and families both privately and in the National Healthcare Services (UK Health system) and on maternity wards. I also worked with Social Services in child and family orientated settings.

I have a great interest in supporting children with behavioural or developmental difficulties, including Autism. During my previous career I saw how so many cases were just not fully understood and how medication could give further issues for the children and families to deal with.

As a homeopath, my family work continues. I find that working with the whole family is often so effective, alongside working with the child/teenager who is brought to me as a patient originally.

I also have a passion for supporting parents’ health and women’s health; as a woman, mother and wife myself, I understand the importance of not getting lost in the world of caring for others and forgetting to pay enough attention to our own needs!

Special Interest

Homeopathy has so much understanding on the Gut/Brain link with our health and this is an area I also have great interest in. Constipation can be just one area that can so benefit from Homeopathic support and you can find me offering additional help along with other team members in our gut-focussed group here.

Let me help you out of your daily discomfort!


“I got in contact with Ali after months of getting nowhere with my GP. A combination of gut issues and heightening anxiety were tackled head on by Ali and her vast homeopathic knowledge along with her support and guidance. Ali was able to alleviate my gut symptoms using a combination of homeopathic remedies and other techniques, which in turn, helped me to create a personal toolbox to manage my anxiety and maintain a healthy gut. I’m grateful for all the help Ali has given me and I was able to face the ‘new normal’ brought on by Covid-19 with my head held high.”

R.B. October 2020

“I went to see Ali in a moment of desperation, having suffered with myriad hormonal symptoms for some time. She was able to help alleviate some of the worst symptoms after one session, for which I was jolly grateful! I experienced Ali as compassionate and caring; she really made me feel heard and understood.”

Lisa D March 2019

“Ali was a big help to me at a very chaotic time in my family’s life. I had just given birth to my third baby boy and was struggling to meet the needs of my eldest who was suffering with some digestive issues and anxiety. After a course of homeopathy my son seemed much more settled and his digestive issues have decreased, and when they do occur he is much calmer in dealing with the symptoms. I also underwent a course of homeopathy for IBS as well as anxiety and overwhelm and it has definitely helped. Ali does not only help with homeopathy but looks at our health holistically and is able to advise on all sorts of things, from positive self-talk exercises to good creams for eczema, etc. She’s also super friendly and a pleasure to deal with!”

N.B. November 2020

“‘A’ is benefitting hugely from the sessions with you. At an incredibly stressful time it’s good she has someone to talk to. Thank you.”

“Mum” March 2022

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