Aishah Hussain

Qualified Homeopath

About Aishah

I am from a family of natural medicine practitioners. I am a third generation holistic practitioner. Using homeopathy felt like a very natural step for me when I had my first child back in 2007. Prior to this, when I was 19 years old I was diagnosed with PCOS. Thanks to my father’s herbal remedies any symptoms I had all disappeared within a matter of weeks. I was astonished because my doctor gave me the impression the diagnosis was for life and that I would not have children. I have always believed strongly that there are alternatives out there. My interest in homeopathy was kindled from my first pregnancy when I began to use the remedies during my first pregnancy.

When my father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, I found a reputable homeopath known for treating cancer. By this stage my father was visibly skin and bones and his health had deteriorated a great deal. He had given up on finding a cure. Within 5 weeks, the tumour had regressed significantly, and my father regained his health. It came as a total shock and amazement to my father, my family, and the medical team in the UK who were overseeing his conventional treatment.

This was a turning point for my whole family and showed us the power of homeopathy. This set the stage for my conviction in the efficacy of Homeopathy and my journey going forward. I started my journey with Homeopathy 16 years ago and at the time of writing my father is a healthy 86 year old and thankfully still with us.

Before stepping into the world of homeopathy I trained as a historian from SOAS university in London where I did my BA History with honours. I home educated and flexi-schooled my now 16-year-old daughter and 10-year-old son who are exceedingly healthy and have been raised on Homeopathy.

I also love to travel and explore the world. With my family I took a sabbatical and decided to live in Istanbul Turkey just before the covid epidemic happened. It was enriching to experience Turkish culture and their vibrant complimentary health scene. I travel regularly with my husband and children. I have travelled from our home in the UK to Canada, France, Germany, Netherlands, through Europe, Jordon, Jerusalem, Turkey, Morocco, Egypt, and other countries too. I am fluent in my first language English and also Urdu and Punjabi. Travelling has really broadened my horizons and I have an appreciation of all cultures and take a non-judgmental approach with all my patients.

I have a lot of experience in seeing clients with autism and children’s health where I explore parent and child-centred health imbalances. I absolutely love working with women and children. The other area I love to work in is mental health, specifically trauma, anxiety, and depression. Homeopathy is wonderful in dealing with mental emotional imbalances. I have been told by clients they feel they have a safe and therapeutic space with me that is supportive and non-judgmental. I deepened my interest in mental health after I had some panic attacks and severe anxiety in my mid 30’s. It was a very frightening experience and since coming through it unscathed with Homeopathy I have since treated many clients with mental health.

I have over 15 years of experience in supporting clients and empowering all those who choose to work with me. As well as classical homeopathy I am trained in various other homeopathic treatment methods. Nowadays, we are seeing more complex cases than ever before due to the vast number of negative influences on our health. My starting point is always classical homeopathy but I am equipped with how to clear blocks to treatment in complex cases. I have also trained with the Banerji father and son from India before they sadly passed away and use their protocols if needed. They have done some amazing work with cancer and other complex imbalances. I have also trained with Ton Jansen in the Netherlands and incorporate his method in treatment plans with clients.

All the testimonials below are genuine and from patients I have treated and who wanted to share their improvement in health and success with homeopathy.

Special Interest

I have a special interest in Autism/children’s health and mental health/trauma.



“I am so happy with the improvements he has made. Major major improvements. Thanks to you. When I mention to new people that R**** is on the spectrum, they don’t believe me! We had our 6 monthly meeting with SEN in school the co-ordinator was absent, and the head teacher sat in on the meeting. He was so impressed, especially with his maths skills, he was asking me whether I had seen a Paediatrician and got a formal diagnosis, as he did not think he was on the spectrum….shows how much he has improved and developed starting with little speech, to now conversing easily with people. Plus the last set of meds you gave worked wonders…that hyperactivity stage he was going through has gone.”

Mum of my autistic patient based in East London


“I started homeopathy hoping to find alternative treatment for epilepsy as the side effects of my regular medications have affected my quality of life for many years. Even though my first few consultations were online (during lockdown), they were comprehensive and detailed, I felt held together and supported throughout my treatment.

Aishah is really kind, and highly professional practitioner who is very empathic and offers a holistic approach. I found myself becoming more self aware of my body and the way I was feeling, I would also make notes of things I wanted to bring to the next appointment.”

A young female based in Stratford, London

Ovarian Cyst and Hay Fever

“Aishah is so friendly I could talk about all my personal circumstances with her, she’s a very good listener, I have been Aishah’s patient due to various reasons…she helped me with hay fever which I had since childhood suddenly all disappeared by the remedies prescribed by her. I had a cyst on my ovary, which also disappeared when I had the scan before planned surgery the cyst wasn’t there. Any health issues I have I always go to her.”

Female client based in North East London


“I came to Aishah when I was suffering from Alopecia. She was very sympathetic and understanding and gave me plenty of time and listened to me…Within a few weeks there was hear growth. Since then I have been seeing her for my daughter who also suffered from alopecia, again seeing Aishah she has also seen re-growth. Aishah is amazing for women’s health, she goes beyond.”

Teacher and mum of two based in South London

Severe Anxiety

“After the consultation I felt a weight had been lifted off my shoulders, and that’s before remedies have even been prescribed! I have found Aishah to have all the traits that anyone would want in a person you are entrusting with your health. She is very attentive, a good listener, knowledgeable patient, and excellent at prescribing effective remedies. She is professional while also being warm so that you feel comfortable speaking to her. I have seen other Homeopaths in the past, but have not connected with them as I have with Aishah.

I was very, very skeptical about Homeopathy for the particular issues I had, as I had tried it a few times over the years for various other ailments but for whatever reason hadn’t had much success. After trying other things, and then deciding to try homeopathy as a last resort I can now honestly say that I am so pleased with it. I am so, so much better then I was this time last year! We live in a time where we expect everything instantly. I would encourage anyone who tries to homeopathy to give it time, persevere for a few months atlas, as it is important to understand that homeopathy deals with treating a problem at it’s root, so this can take time.”

Patient based in London I was able to sign off after 8 sessions. She now comes for occasional check ins and has come for support in pregnancy and for her children.

Asthma and Allergies

“Aishah has been working with me for a while, she has helped me improve my overall health. She has managed to help me unravel many things I didn’t know were issues not just physically but emotionally too. It has been an empowering process working with Aishah. My children are now seeing Aishah too. It’s always great to have a session with Aishah and get to the root. I found consultations useful as Aishah dug deep and didn’t just make her assessment based on a few symptoms. So, it’s not like a 10 minute quick visit to the Dr’s surgery.

The hay-fever treatment worked well I’m now 99% recovered.

She covers all areas. Psychological, emotional, the history, lifestyle, etc. It is incredible how much time she allocated listening to her patient. I’m not sure how she’s able to deal with such extensive emotions that patients bring to her.”

A female client in her 50’s with complex health issues involving the respiratory system, allergies, and a lot of mental emotional issues.

Vitiligo, Body Pains and Hormones

“The consultation itself is thorough, and can itself be therapeutic! Aishah works methodically to reach a goal. She is very experienced and knowledgeable. You are reassured that the treatments are put together with a lot of thought.

Before meeting Aishah I was told I could not treat my skin condition. Working with Aishah has allowed me to tackle not only my main ailment [vitiligo with patched filling up] but has helped me treat other ailments [including menstrual imbalances].”

Female Pharmacist and home schooling mother of two based in East London

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