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A free way to support Homeopathy247 Podcast is by leaving a five-star rating and review on Apple Podcasts. It’s a chance to tell us what you love about the show and it helps others discover it, too.

Follow the steps below to leave a review right from your Apple iPhone. The steps are very similar on Apple computers and iPads.

If you’re already on your iOS mobile device, simply tap HERE and go directly to step 4.

Step 1: On your iOS mobile device, launch Apple’s Podcast app.

Step 2: Tap the Search tab in the lower right corner of the screen.

Step 3: Type “Homeopathy247” in the search box, and tap the blue Search key at the bottom right.

Step 4: Tap the cover art for the podcast, or select “See All” to see a complete list of shows.

If the search result shows a list of episodes, simply tap on “Shows” tab and then tap on Homeopathy247 Podcast.

Step 5: After you’ve selected a show, scroll down the page to the area called “Ratings and Reviews.”

Step 6: Select the number of stars, and then tap “Write a Review” to give your review a title and more details.

You can share what you like about the show. Was there a particular episode that had an impact?

If you’re not already signed into iTunes, you will be asked to enter your iTunes password to login.

Step 7: Tap ‘Send’


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