Susan Terry

Licensed Classical Homeopath

About Me

I am Susan, a qualified homeopath practicing in Cornwall and globally via video link, and I am passionate about the empowering nature of homeopathy.

I enjoy working with everyone whatever their health issue or challenge in life, but have a particular interest in working with children with Additional Needs.

Like many homeopaths my interest derived from personal experience of homeopathy. I have two daughters who as young children both had warts on their hands. They were each given different remedies but with the same result ; the warts disappeared, never to reappear. How intriguing was that ?  

In order to satisfy my curiousity I did a year’s course one day a month run by local homeopaths. That was where I intended to leave it but I got ‘hooked’ and went on to train for four years at the Northern College of Homeopathy UK, graduating in 2006.

I have continued to do additional training through the years to increase my knowledge and experience in order to help those I work with.

I see my work with my clients as collaborative. We are a team, working together on whatever it is that is troubling you.

My Special Interest

I have a special interest in children with special needs and digestive and gut health.

What Else Do I Get Up To ?

Dogs have always been an important part of our family’s life and we currently share our life with Bess a beautiful Border Collie. Bess finds life quite scary at times so we have to work hard making her feel safer. We enjoy walking as long as we don’t see too many other dogs !

I have also trained as a Soul Midwife  working with people at the end of their lives.


I went on Theresa Hughes and Susan Terry’s Homeopathy evening using Homeopathy for dogs, i really enjoyed the evening, especially talking about our dogs and listening to others from across the water, i was interested in why the other ladies were giving remedies to their dogs for different diagnosis, my dog poppy has problems with her ligament and by listening and writing down the remedies and what they can do i’ve been using Ruta, Rhus Tox and Arnica for about 3 days and Poppy has perked up a bit, she was quite depressed on Sunday & Monday and i was worried about her, i love homeopathy remedies use them for my animals as well as my family and they do work! Can’t wait for the next evening ladies.


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