Sunita Venchard

Licensed Classical Homeopath

About Me

For me, homeopathy is a way of life. It is the anchor that keeps me centred. It has been my constant companion for over 25 years, keeping myself and my family healthy. I honestly don’t know where I would be without homeopathy, which is why I’m so passionate about using it to help others.

London is home, where I live with my husband, our daughter (who is away at university), and our little sausage dog. For me, variety is the key to life, and I love to be creative. I adore singing and have lessons just for fun, singing a wide range from jazz to opera. Two years ago I started growing vegetables and I wake up excited to see what new buds or vegetables have grown overnight. I love a challenge and can often be found trying to fix anything broken around the house or trying to solve computer problems. Previously, I was an IT analyst and I find the analytical processes so similar to those I use as a homeopath. I think that’s why I enjoy being a homeopath. I grew up as an avid reader of science fiction and fantasy and I find that story telling is a wonderfully creative way to explore and learn about remedies. This inspired me to write my first novel. I’ve always thought of homeopathy as magical and wanted to convey that feeling to others. To that end, I have written a fantasy, action and adventure novel with a touch of romance, called ‘Revive’ (available on amazon), where the characters are based on homeopathic remedies. I’m currently writing the sequel.

I have been practising and teaching homeopathy for over 25 years. I trained at the London College of Classical Homeopathy for four years, graduating in 1996 with a Licentiate in Homeopathy and then started my practice. Later in 2010, I studied under Rajan Sankaran learning the sensation method and went on to study detox and practical homeopathy, which I use when the need arises. My thirst for homeopathic knowledge continues and I hope to inspire others in the way that I was and still am, by teaching homeopathy and giving people enough information to empower them to use homeopathy at home. I use intuitive homeopathy that incorporates my homeopathic knowledge and training together with intuitive processes.

My love and passion for homeopathy started in my twenties, when all my GP could offer me for my painful and irregular periods, was to go on the pill. I remember feeling frustrated and helpless. Serendipitously on my way to work, the next day, I was flicking through a magazine on the tube when my interest was sparked by an article where the author’s period problems, which mirrored my own, had been successfully treated by homeopathy. I was an IT analyst at the time, and my way of thinking was very analytical and scientific, but I decided to shelve my scepticism and see a homeopath. She asked me questions that no doctor ever had, and I was amazed at how interested she was in all my answers. The session opened my eyes to how my physical symptoms were so intrinsically linked to my emotional and mental state, that treating one without considering the others would be like wallpapering over a damp area of wall to hide it. It made perfect sense, even to my analytical mind! The homeopathic treatment gave me a sense of well-being and helped me to unblock many past hurts and negative beliefs, which in turn released many of my physical symptoms. I attended a local homeopathic first aid course and I remember sitting in the first class completely entranced. I had found my calling and this gave me the courage and confidence to change careers and become a homeopath.

I believe that we all have an innate ability to heal ourselves. The farther we are thrown off course due to the stresses and traumas of life, the harder it becomes to connect with that ability. As a homeopath, through our consultations together, and with the use of remedies and your help, I will guide you back to your true course and your ability to heal so that you can live the life you want to.

Over 25 years down the line, it gives me huge satisfaction to see many of my clients, children and adults alike, finding their way to fulfilling their true potential, and releasing many of their physical, mental and emotional symptoms along the way.


“Sunita provided a safe place for me to talk and understand my anxiety. She provided me with remedies to help me find a balance that had been lost and also relieved the physical symptoms I was experiencing. This meant I didn’t need long-term meds to mask these physical symptoms… they were dealt with. This was a very important outcome for me.

Other family members have been treated by Sunita and I’ve high recommended her to friends.

Thank you for your continued support ”

Siobhan Carroll

“I have been going to see Sunita since 2009. I had a terrible dizziness and she found the right remedy for me. I felt immediately better. My two sons are also followed by Sunita, and their hay fever and migraines have improved a lot. I can only recommend her, she is very friendly and easy to talk to, and she will always dedicate a lot of time to her patients”

Giovanna Elkouby

“I have been seeing Sunita for over ten years. I first visited her because my 2 year old son had recurrent chest infections and the antibiotics he had been taking not only could not prevent him from becoming ill soon again but were also enormously debilitating. After Sunita prescribed him a remedy he has never had a chest infection again.
Since then I have been taking my two sons to see Sunita for a variety of issues: teething, constipation, headaches, earache, temper tantrums etc. and they have always been treated effectively.
I have as well been treated during the course of the years with great success.
Significant are my recent visits concerning gum disease and menopause symptoms.
I had been diagnosed with a receding gums condition for which I had been recommended an expensive and quite invasive treatment. Luckily I saw Sunita before deciding to go ahead with the procedure. After taking Sunita’s remedies for several weeks, my dentist could not see the need to intervene anymore on what now looked as healthy gums, with an obvious pre-existent problem but that seemed to be perfectly under control.
With the approach of the menopause I started suffering from very uncomfortable hot flushes both during the day and at night. Again Sunita prescriptions enormously helped to reduce my hot flashes episodes and to have undisrupted sleep at night.

I find Sunita to be extremely caring and supportive, always conducting her consultations with sensitivity and understanding especially when I have resorted to traditional medicine for lack of confidence in my ability to cope with emergencies. She is very professional but at the same time very easy to talk to, patiently explaining how homeopathy and conventional medicine can work together where appropriate.”

Mariangela Pagluica

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